Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ms. Leftover..a figure on Wallis Sanded Paper

I wanted to paint something today (of course!), but I had time constraints. I dashed out this "made up" female in leftover paint onto a piece of leftover Wallis Sanded Paper. Did you know that Wallis Paper (generally used for pastel) accepts oil paint in a very interesting way? Be careful if you try it..use some bristle brushes you don't care about..the sanded surface chews them up some. It's worth it though..the effect is favorable. Her flesh is kind of green (because I only used the paint I had out). Well, I like her anyway..and her heavy lids. She looks like someone who is serious...but on the brink of a smile. Maybe she's smug about being an unusual ochrey-green.


Caio Fern said...

how can you be so productive ? and that thing " i wanted to paint something today, of course " .
not so "of course " . hahahh!! sometimes i feel like to paint , but don't want to paint nothing .it is weird to explain .
to paint on paper is a chalenge because you must to do it really weel or the final work gets too artificial .
i liked your work . wonderful brushies and a sutil incredible final expression .
see you Celeste . this post is a delicious .

Unknown said...

Hi Celeste,
I never heard of painting on that surface. Neat! I can see why you'd need to use bristle brushes, though. The painting is so architecturally strong ... reminds me of some of Picasso's portraits. Isn't it fun experimenting with random colors? It allows you to create unexpected effects, and this palette seems to work well! Can't wait to see what you do next :)

Unknown said...

Love this. I never tried that paper but will give it a shot!

roberto M. said...

Celeste, lovely blog, (i'm sorry for my english) your paintings are wonderful.
if you want to see my works visit my blog:
thank you

ArtSparker said...

She's a sphinx

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I like the emphasis on the planes of the face, especially the illusive one on the side of the cheek. Good job!

MrBibleHead said...

Great tanger! You SHOULD do birds more often. Excellent!

Unknown said...

I do like the colours. They are striking. Reminds me of the Matisse colours a little. I experimented with a piece of Wallis once and I did enjoy it.You can even do water techniques on it. It stands up well. You are right though you definitely have to use bristle brushes you don't mind losing. Nice!