Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is your weather as interesting as ours?

It's an hour drive to Hood River (give or take). It is a very scenic drive too, so I never mind the trip. Today there was a GALE, however, and it made me think of what it would like to be at sea.. Avast that land? Well, when I reached the Columbia Art Gallery (to turn in my art) I was greeted by a display of the most beautiful arty lamps in the outer gallery. The golden lights made a warm welcome...but then it was back into the GALE to drive home.


Brandy Gale said...

>>There was a GALE...

It wasn't me!

Love your blog, you talented woman!
Brandy Gale

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Wow! You were in that big black cloud I saw out to the east! Lucky you.

Hope the show is a good one with good sales and response for you (and the others, too).

Keep up the good HARD work. It shows!

Sheila said...


-Don said...

What's that stuff on your windshield? I've lived in the desert too long...I forget what that stuff's called. If I had to use my wipers they're probably so dry-rotted by now that I wouldn't be able to see anything. Good luck on the upcoming show. -Don

Caio Fernandes said...

no , our weather isn't interesting as yours . not in winter , and not even on the warm spring .
i would love to have now a little bit of this freezing exprerience .
now i am even more exited to see how your exhibition is . the works you're going to exhibit .

ArtSparker said...

So good to get inside afterwards, with hot tea.