Friday, November 13, 2009

Obliterating old paintings..Mrs. Pittock becomes a Taxi

A couple of years ago I participated in a show at the Pittock Mansion. I had anticipated doing a portrait of Georgiana Pittock for the exhibit, but it didn't pan out. It was a pretty good start, but I wound up abandoning her in favor of Mr. Pittock. (Good move! My portrait of him won first prize!) Today I was anxious to paint over something and poor Mrs. Pittock was selected. I'm finding that obliterating old efforts is devilishly fun. I can't help but notice that taxis have cropped up more and more in urbanscapes. Well, no wonder! Yellow taxis are devine. Goodbye Mrs. Pittock, Hello Travis Bickle. Scroll down for the transformation. And if you don't know who Travis Bickle* is..I'm including a hilarious remix of the famous scene at the end of this post. (*Travis Bickle was the main character in "Taxi Driver").
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Caio Fernandes said...

hahahh!!! this roomate was a good idea .

Celeste , i love so much when you cover a paint doing another one .
this fascinates me .
and you have influencieted me alread because my last one was a portrait painted on a used canvas .
thank you dear ...

taxi driver was my favorite movie when i was kid ( don't tell anyone : shhhh .. it still is one of my favorites ever ...)

great post . not a surprise coming fron you .

what you said about my work made me really happy . you have a very good eye .
see you !!!

B Boylan said...

Celeste, your process from Mrs Pittock to Taxi reminds me of my first assignment in Design school...the "Metamorphosis" project. It knocked those unable to cope right out of school, and those that could do it moved onto the next difficult task of circle, square, triangle. Thanks for sharing the process...nice, indeedie do!

Kathy said...

Celeste, this is a wonderful transformation and so very interesting. Thanks for posting these, I like following your blog.

rob ijbema said...

excellent celeste
love how you applied the paint
like you couldn't care less
it gives such movement and emotion,
one of my favs of yours!

ArtSparker said...

It's funny, as if the man in the painting were getting out her ear, Or as if she thought of departure...Makes the the painting cinematic in a very slow motion way.

Dean H. said...

Lmao!! Loved the Pittock conversion and the Bickle clip! FUNNY!!

Oh, and by the way, your taxi painting looks great!

Anonymous said...

that video is so funny, thanks for sharing and i think your covering old canvases has become infectious. i have just prepared a canvas for repainting, sanded it down and put a new ground on it. good work Celeste!

Ann Buckner said...

Cool, love seeing the transformation. I rather liked Mrs. Pittock too as figurative/portraiture work fascinates me. However, yellow taxicabs rate high too. :D