Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Broken color still life

I've been talking with my artist friend Katherine van Schoonhoven about applying color in an irregular way. Katherine has been making some pastels that are called "crumble colors". A "crumble color" is a single pastel that was made with several colors. A line drawn with a multi-color pastel results in some pleasant surprises. I've seen Eric Jacobsen do a similar thing with oil paint. He dips the brush into a couple of colors and then applies it to the surface--voila! ...some lively marks that are unexpected. I was thinking about all this when I did this still life. Most of this painting was achieved with two or more colors on the tip of the brush. I think all I have to do is resolve that pear on the left that is pear shaped, but a citrus color. That's the joy of oil is easy to scrape things off and adjust.
Oil on 8x8 gessoed board


Chuck Dilmore said...

Ooo... that
turned out
really cool!

feels like
a still life
but in a very living world.

only you.

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Celeste,
An happy painting with clean colors. Couriously enough we are doing about the same thing, just i did it with 2 colors, and never went overt it again. Now..... we are about to start a new year, go out and celebrate!

-Don said...

Nice, Celeste! Very expressive and fun.

Happy New Year!


Honor Martinez said...

I like it, it surprises me, is cheerful and bright.

Jasmine said...

I love this painting, it is so softly focused. Thank you for explaining the technique.

Tonight is a blue moon. What a wonderful way to see in 2010. All he best to you.

Anonymous said...

I like the watery effect- an interesting scene just out of focus. Thanks for the lesson- I learn so much reading your blog. Pam

Kathy said...

Nice work, Celeste! I've used this technique - load both sides of my brush with different colors. Then, as I stroke the brush on the canvas I give it a twist. The effects are interesting and vibrant. Have a very Happy New Year!!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Nice still life! I like the way multiple colors of paint really show your brushwork. Beautiful. I am curious to see how the crumble colors work -- but first they must dry. Kvan

David said...

Love the colors in this Celeste!

ArtSparker said...

Insouciant is the word that comes to mind about that pitcher...The piece as a whole is dear.

Sheila said...

I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday [I thought you were in your forties] and a fantastic New Year. You've been one of the sweetest blogger friends I've been blessed with this past year. May you continue to receive many more blessings in 2010. Hugs!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Very nice, Celeste! I love the colors in this painting.

Have a wonderful 2010!