Thursday, December 31, 2009

transitory sunshine woman

I tried to capture a fleeting moment in this painting start..a moment that is there and not there. The sunshine is on her shirt but she is also in a shadow....Like the new year that is here and not here ..just minutes away... Happy New Year!

oil (sketch) on 8 x 10 canvas panel


Sheila said...

Very cool. Keen and quick eye you have Celeste!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Celeste,
Happy New Year, I did not know you were a writer as well.I started the new year painting, so i did not realize 2009 left! Daniel Edmonson sent me a nice critique in 2009 and in 2010 I followed his advises, I will posted later on.

Kathy said...

Good start! I like the use of violet hues and the concept for this work. Can't wait to see it finished. Happy New Year!

Caio Fernandes said...

this is a trcky kind of light to do , and you've beem able to catch the spirit of it .
happy 2010 full of light !!!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Happy New Year, Celeste!

I like the idea of her face in shadow and light on her clothes -- that's exactly how people handle bright sunshine. They move their faces out of it if possible. Great start!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Best wishes for the new year Celeste.
I've been enjoying the work you are posting lately.

ArtSparker said...

Lovely work, very contemplative.

Dean H. said...

Way to go for it, Celeste! Great job on painting the moment.
May you have a great new year!


billspaintingmn said...

The color is nice on this, has an
impressionist look.
I love the look on her face. Calm,
serene, in thought.