Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revisiting the Babushka painting

I've been watching a fantastic set of dvds about Russian Painting. I got it from the library. It's called A Sentimental trip home by Mikhalkov Nikita. It's subtitled and seems to have been produced for Russian television. Each episode is about a particular Russian painting and the story associated with it. The programs aren't instructional about how to's about the painter's lives and why they painted what they painted. I recommend it! It's clear that that Russians are never timid about lavishly applying paint..not to mention how they love color. I started this painting a couple of weeks ago. Tonight I sanded her down and tried to put the new paint on with смелость! (courage).

oil on 9 x 12 canvas panel


Elizabeth Seaver said...

That does sound fascinating, Celeste.

I like the soft edges around the figure in your painting. It means the eye is drawn to the face. The colors are really alive, too.

Caio Fernandes said...

it is a lovely painting , really is .
here in Brazil in general , because of the large number of intelectuals "left thinkers" , russian art always was very popular and presend , Russian fron every centures and contemporary ... i am far fron having a simpaty for left ideas , but i love Russian art in general . i would love to see this documentarie .
thank you Celeste .

Susan Roux said...

I have four Russian paintings in my home and you're absolutely right, they pile the paint on! I love the work though, its like you could crawl right in!

AutumnLeaves said...

What a beautiful Russian peasant girl, Celeste. Now I am fascinated about this video series. I wonder if my library has it...hmmm...

billspaintingmn said...

Celeste this is wonderful!
Your use of color and the look on her face is what painting is about.
I have worked with Russian art,
(gilding frames) and this has much of the flavor.
Babushka's are almost a Russian

ArtSparker said...

I like the red and the blue combination...I've been thinking about those colors with a muted olive green for something I'm working on.

Anonymous said...

As usual, I have nothing intelligent to offer to the comment list. But, as usual, I think your work is very good.

With writing, there is no way to showcase what I've created around the house. How lucky you crafty types are to have something to really show for your efforts.


Celeste Bergin said...

thank you Elizabeth, Caio, Susan R, Autumn, Bill, Susan Artsparker, and Christine! Christine, I do not consider myself in the least bit crafty. You should see my house, it is a wreck! But thanks! Writers, like fine artists might not be as prone to physical decoration as people would surmise. :)