Thursday, February 11, 2010


Painted with some friends today. We set up some still life and enjoyed the afternoon. My still life included a world globe and some books. Very National Geographic. Alas! My red drape became purple and my globe....WELL. Luckily I have some other images to share.
(P.S.) 9 out of 10 painting bloggers use the word "Alas" in at least one of their front page posts. Unofficial survey.

Photos from top to bottom: Portland traffic, My cat when he was a kitten, unflattering photo of me in my bunker studio, very cool weird dress in the window across from Bread and Ink, A favorite friend, Irene Mason on her 80th birthday


lilasvb said...

i like the dress!

Caio Fernandes said...

one picture better than the other !

AutumnLeaves said...

I have to say that globes and books are two of my favorite things to have in the house! I would imagine your painting came out much better than you think (I've seen your work!). I so love Portland, probably my third favorite city after Chicago and Seattle. A beautiful place - despite the traffic. Your kitty was so cute as a baby! But then all babies are cute, aren't they? You remind me quite a bit of myself in your photo. Both in your dress and with your hair! (I have to say the most freeing thing I've ever done was to quit coloring and to let it grow long. Way more 'me'.) Can't wait to see what is next on the easel, Celeste! And thank you so much for your kindness on my Ashcan piece. I get great ideas, despite the lack in the execution. LOLOL

Kathy said...

Oooooo ... your kitten is precious! And, it's wonderful seeing you at work in your studio. I like to see artists in their "environment."

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Celeste!
That picture of Moofie is so cool!
(sorta looks like a bobcat!)
You look cozy in your studio, aah,
Painting with friends is fun, and if you get a painting done, great!
Today,(Friday) I'll be painting with friends.
Wish me luck!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Happy birthday to Irene!

-Don said...

I think that photo of you in your studio is perfect. The black gesso on the workbench, the bright colors on your palette, the Bounty paper towels tucked under your arm, the paint smears on your shirt, the scotch in the cup. I could just sidle in and get busy right there. But, alas, Diet Coke? I'm a Pepsi guy, myself.


Sheila said...

See? Don knows a beauty when he sees one. I also love how that photo captured your gorgeous eyes!

That kitten photo is adorable! All eyes,ears and feet.

The dress reminds me of something Twiggy would have worn.

layers said...

hello. thank you for coming by my blog. I used to live down in Tualatin and still have artist friends down there. Do you know Bill Park or know of him? I used to go to his studio for life drawing..
you have lovely paintings

hwfarber said...

Enjoyed the photos--especially the one of you in the studio.

ArtSparker said...

Lovely to work in conjunction with other people. I would like to find someone to sew with.

Karen E. Lewis said...