Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cow just 5 steps

1. The first step is to simply block in (with thin paint) the overall shape and to clearly indicate the shadow and light sides.

2. Warm (red-ish) and cool (blue-ish) "local" colors are established--taking care to keep colors/temperatures clean.

3. Additional local color is added, by following the the photo reference (...but not "slavishly"..resist the urge to put in every teensey thing!).

4. Smaller details are now added, such as eyelashes and light in the eye. Background color is added (..could have done that sooner, but no real harm done).

5. A few more details and a darkened ear--Voila!...cow painting pretty much complete.

Celeste Bergin, Cow. Oil on 8x8 canvas. ©2010.


Kaylyn said...

You forgot the mud stage! So you think keeping colors distinct...and brushes clean is a good idea, eh?

Mary Jane said...

I like your cow painting.
I can almost feel the softness and the warmth of the animal. A sensuous painting.
The process is so interesting to see.

Marie Theron said...

So alive and pensive, Celeste. And lovely textures!

-Don said...

Wow! I thought this was a photograph! (just kidding)

This is a fun and informative progression. Thanks for taking us through it. Nice job.


Kathy said...

Voila, indeed! A good lesson and a wonderful painting.

AutumnLeaves said...

Voila! Cow painting pretty much beautiful, Celeste!!

Ralph said...

He looks like a hereford. Great painting so full of life. Thanks again fro your words on my blog you are such a positive person .

Dean H. said...

Great progression pics, Celeste! Gives real insight into thought process.

Actually you could have stopped at each, step, 1 through 5, and declared the painting done. I have been told this many times on my own progress shots.
But I prefer (as you do)the final 5th step.

Linda said...

This cow is up close and personal. She seems to be looking right at the viewer with a big hello! :-) Thanks for sharing the process for your painting. I learn so much every time someone does this. Beautiful painting!

Caio Fernandes said...

it is impossible for you to do just a simple painting , right ?
you have to make it get incredible .
i loved

billspaintingmn said...

Not that I expect anything, but I never thought I'd see you do a cow portrait.
This is so cool, part of the fun of your blog is wondering what will
Celeste post next!

femminismo said...

You need to bring some work into the Valley Art Gallery in Forest Grove. We love cows! And chickens, too.

PAMO said...

I LOVE her!! Thanks for the lesson. BTW- your comment on my blog today made my day Sistah!

hwfarber said...

Reminds me of my pet calf, "Pansy." You gave this one personality.