Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My day..........and how was yours??

My friend Sondra is temporarily without a car, so I drove her to her medical appointment this morning. As I sketched a fellow wait-er in the waiting room another patient gave a loud speech at the receptionist window about how she felt about the passing of the health care bill. I felt my blood pressure rise as the woman complained. It calmed me to write down some thoughts about the event with my sketch. What was it that Anne Frank wrote in her diary...? "...in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart". Yes....people are really good at heart..even that disagreeable woman!

After her appointment Sondra and I had lunch and then stopped at Bridge Fields Park in West Linn. It was surprisingly pretty there and I got to do another quick sketch while listening to the Tualatin River rush past. Apparently this area has something to do with a meteorite...we admired a to scale sculpture, but skipped reading the explanation in the interpretative center.
At the end of the day I made corrections to the fisherman/fisherwoman painting.... it's still not completely right, but improved. (P.S. my blogging friend hwfarber found out who the fisherman artist is! Information in the original post.)

I had a good day--! How was YOURS?


-Don said...

Well, I don't know about everybody else, but I'm pretty sure you have one of those good hearts that Anne Frank was talking about. I'm happy you included art in and through your whole day. You're an inspiration...


Ralph said...

I am always amazed at how uncaring some people can be Celeste. I have watched and listened from a distance to the dision caused by this debate. I find it so hard to understand that some people claim to be religious and caring yet get so upset when caring comes at a cost. You are indeed as Don says an inspiration. I love this blog keep at it. It was a day to be proud to be an american.

Eva said...

What objections can you really have against the new bill? We have had this system for ages. It is the only way how a society can show solidarity and sociality towards people who cannot run with the pack. Our government are trying to destabilize this system -- I expect a major revolt if they do.
Freedom? We aren't free to chose our favourite color on the traffic lights and go, are we?

AutumnLeaves said...

Something 'Rodin-ish' about that first sketch. Beautiful work, Celeste. Wish I could have gone to lunch with you; that sounds like such fun!! Also love the photo of Ann Frank you shared. Now? I have to go find out about that fisherman!!

IronBear said...

SSDD. Seriously, nothing interesting ever happens in my life. Ever! lol

I just hate that the government tells me that I must buy health insurance or get fined. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

"The government is best which governs least." - Thomas Jefferson

BTW, I also believe in Gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana. :-)

Kathy said...

I watched our President sign the health bill into law yesterday and wondered about the struggle ahead in our divided Congress. Process, whether it's political or in art, fascinates me! I had a good day - mostly painted. Love your drawing and your notes.

Linda said...

I echo the thoughts of Don and Ralph!! I am going to put a small sketchbook and pencils in my purse and draw whenever I can. Thanks for all your thoughts, Celeste!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Your sketch with the words behind it is wonderful! You've captured how the complaints filled the space and intruded into everything around it.

Kaylyn said...

1. Celeste wins the Make my Day award for her comments on my globe painting! Thank you, I needed to hear that right now!

2. A day of sketching almost always makes for a good day.

3. Usually like to focus on the art, but yesterday was a great day because our nation made a great step in redefining our character which has been a bit tarnished of late. I have to point out that the 'fines' for not buying health insurance are misstated. You will get a tax credit to offset insurance premiums costs. You won't get the credit if you don't buy it. Simple. As Eva says (and all of my German and Canadian and British friends concur that civilized society requires certain effort, and cost, to rise to its best heights. Society and Socialism come from the same root...both have good and bad connotations. But god help us if we toss aside our social contract in favor of 'individualism' in this day of gun toting bigotry! End of that. Period.

Back to shapes and colors and lines!!

ArtSparker said...

Sounds like you are a good friend to have, and nice that you found time to sketch.

hwfarber said...

I love your sketch.

About the mystery painting. Since the first two letters were in caps, I felt the first letter might be his first name initial. When I began typing Upelnieks into Google search "Arturs Upelnieks artist" popped up. I managed to find one of his paintings--it was similar to the one in your blog.

I'm taking this as a sign that I should buy back my Google stock.

billspaintingmn said...

My day has wore me out. I am now home.
Always like to see what's going on, and this is a fun place to be!
your sketch is fun, and the story
with it is a slice of life.
I thought that painting may be foreign, but I'm no expert on this
stuff really.
Some are painted to look that way, and so I thought that may be the case.
Good news is Russian art from that time is very collectable! You may want to check into it a bit more!
Congratulations Celeste! You have good taste!

-Don said...

I think Hallie's right! Check this out - and, look at the signature!



Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Celeste,
I loved the photo of the meteorite, Thanks for posting.