Friday, March 26, 2010

A walk ......with Seaurat

What's one of your all time favorite famous paintings? I am very fond of A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Seaurat. I got to see it in person a long time ago..and I remember that I was bowled over by how my eyes "mixed" the painting. Seaurat's black and white drawings are equally eloquent. I did not have enough time for painting today..but I sketched out something based on one of Seaurat's drawings. Seurat often used the technique of "irradiation", where the dark tone seen against a lighter background will look even darker and a light tone against a dark tone will look even lighter. Irradiation is an important concept in painting too.
Just for fun I "pointillized" my drawing in photoshop Wouldn't Mr. Seaurat be surprised how quickly I produced a zillion dots?

I wanted to share an additional walk with you.. the sun came out this afternoon and I appreciated this neighbor's house..not only does it bravely employ complementary red and also has a smiling mail-drop.


Brad Gailey said...

One of my favorites is Degas' 'Dancers at the Bar' from the Phillips Collection. I saw it at the Atlanta High Museum, It's a large painting and is pure magnificence in red.


AutumnLeaves said...

Celeste, I love reading your thoughts. And I have to say that I am quite intrigued by the homeowners there. I suspect they are quite colorful or artists themselves. The little house is fabulous! Now...the Seaurat drawing is so lovely in its simplicity. I even liked the pointillism effect; it seemed to give it more detail. Oddly enough, when I saw this little painting of your's, I immediately thought of some of Van Gogh's earliest works...There is one where a man is in a field...This painting reminded me so much of that one! Now? I have to go look up Seaurat!

Ralph said...

Got your message Celeste and thanks. Photoshop eh interesting I liked the original drawing though it made me smile. Have you ever noticed the resemblence to Charlie Chaplain I wonder. I am so glad that letter box is not near me I would not be able to resist adding a little nose.

billspaintingmn said...

Celeste! More water from the well!
I always enjoy your posts, they are fresh and fun.
I now have home work to do, as I'm unfamiliar with Seaurat.
Since you were boweled over by this guy, I must see what he is about!
Your pencil drawing is fun, and hope you post more pencil drawings in the future.( To me, pencil is a medium that gets straight to the point! ha!)
That mail box is smiling!

Dean H. said...

I'm a great admirer of anything "Zorn". Love your little sketch and the thoughts behind it.

hwfarber said...

You walk with the great ones.

Mariano Zucchi said...

HI Celeste,
very nice effect on the irradiating light on the the black and white that reinforce each other.
Those dots seem like computer dots to me. That sure would bit the crap out of Seaurat! Your neighbourough house is gorgeus and I absolutly love the mailbox , so must the mailman! Happy sunday