Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sketching with my art pals

Another Thursday after-the-PPASP-meeting sketch session...and just like last Thursday we braved the cold (again), we sat on the shadow side of the street (again) and I forgot my extra sweatshirt (again)....Some of us "fanned out" and also found things to sketch in the sunshine. Here are some of the sketchers, along with some of our scenery and the resulting sketches.

Our sketching gallery: Behind the Scenes


Ralph said...

Inspiring beautiful pictures Celeste again I wish I had the courage to paint with others.

AutumnLeaves said...

Love that haute couture sketch. Surprised not to see some of those gorgeous flowers and landscaping over on the the Behind the Scenes blog. You must have so much fun doing this Celeste! I love seeing these sketches.

Susan Roux said...

I'd be the one sitting...!

Looks like great fun.

billspaintingmn said...

What a fun time! It's like baseball, it takes a team to play.
To get into position and play ball!
Cool photos and sketches, you just do it. Fun!
Ralph, courage?! Did'nt you watch the wizard of Oz?
(I'll bet you can paint, if you just do, and have fun!)

hwfarber said...

Makes me want to go out and sketch with others.

Earthula said...

It is always so interesting to see all the visions and what becomes of them!

susanroden said...

It was fun to view the slide presentation of the day. Felt like I was there with you gals.
Also love the figurative piece!

Linda said...

Well, I agree with others! Such fun to go with friends and have a great art day. Thanks for sharing!