Thursday, May 27, 2010

My day..........and how was yours??

It was "art talk" at Bread & Ink today. I had French Toast and we discussed Modigliani. We talked about places where you can paint and draw live models. We talked about how Kenn Backhaus can paint rain successfully. We talked about all manner of artful things. When I left I took a photo of the back of the place. I like the shapes --especially the black oil can (it's a William Wray type of scene). I stopped on my way home to visit with Kimberley Kent. She showed me her huge "heating" table where she does encaustic monotypes. She & I both walked over to Muse Art Supplies and talked to owner Peter who is going to sponsor a plein air event in August. I took a walk later and noticed this tree in my neighbor's yard. I can't decide if I love it or I hate it (see below..what do you think?). Well, that was my visual day---what was in yours?

Top Painting: Celeste Bergin
Sauvie Island trees, oil on 6x6 canvas panel.
Draw or paint this "glasses on the table" challenge (you're invited!), back of Bread & Ink, Kimberly Kent at her heating table and neighborhood tree (click to enlarge!)

P.S. Check out Todd Smith's new blog!


B Boylan said...

Kimberly sure has a "monster" of a table there!
I love William Wray's work. It has been influencing what I notice on any given day...just as you have noticed your neighbor's tree!
My day was full of volunteering and parenting!

AutumnLeaves said...

What an absolutely beautiful day and a most gorgeous tree! Your painting is exquisite, Celeste, but then I always do find them so. Yep, people do think I'm weird, at least my own family does...and I do like cemetaries myself. Have you seen that headstone photo on my sidebar right under my photo? Gorgeous, isn't it? (It has a haunting attached to it too!)

rob ijbema said...

you had a great day and a lovely painting.
my day was ok too,biking with the kids,watching the giro d'italia on the telly and painting the winner...

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Sounds like the perfect "artful" day! A little painting, conversation, gallery crawl, art supply perusing--yep, not much beats that! I like your tree painting.

Linda Popple said...

Your landscape is beautiful, Celeste! I love your brush work - very impressionistic.

I visited Todd Smith's blog and very impressed. I especially like his portraits. It's going to be fun to follow him and see his future work.

My day was spent with grandchildren. :-) We helped Ben celebrate his kindergarten graduation and I spent the rest of the day with Asher. Then dinner with friends. Good day!!

Looked at Kenn Backhaus' site - wow! His work is awesome! And William Wray and Modigliani are both favs of mine. Isn't it fun to talk art?

I like your photo of the rear of the Bread & Ink. I think that would make an interesting painting ........ hint, hint!

Have a great week-end!

Casey Klahn said...

I think Museworthy has the best posts on Modigliani ever.

This 6x6 has strong presence. Thanks for including us in your art breakfast.

PAMO said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!! Love the neighborhood tree- it's fun. Your painting is beautiful and I have table envy looking at your friends space.
On the day you posted this- I spent some time working on your impromptu challenge. I should have it ready by the deadline- or at least the portion of it I'm doing- and that's all I'm saying :-).
Have a great holiday weekend!

hwfarber said...

I was settled into painting today; then I read Celeste's blog--had to check out all the sites she mentioned. And on Wednesday, I found myself photographing backs of buildings.

I like your tree painting. The tree at the bottom probably has it's own eyes--doesn't need another set.

TJ Lynde said...

You may not know if you love them or hate them yet, but Sauvie Island trees is certainly a gem, Celeste, and we love what you did with them! One of the best things about painting objects is that we take some decent time to really study them, and doing so we get to know them more, and knowing them more we can genuinely start to love them. Like doctors and scientists, all our "Patients" tend to become close friends- how cool is that?