Friday, May 21, 2010


I just had to remove my last post--it was waay too Elvis-on-black-velvet kitshy. Couldn't bear to look at it. I will burn it later--haha.

So, I am replacing that post with a photo of a new bracelet that I have. It is reproduction based on Queen Victoria's jewelry.

"All things began in order so shall they end, so shall they begin again according to the Ordainer of Order and the mystical mathematics of the City of Heaven". --Sir Thomas Browne

Be back with a painting later... Have a wonderful day all!


Jasmine said...


-Don said...

Bummer, I missed the kitsch... Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy this lovely bracelet instead while trying to wrap my brain around Sir Browne's quote.

Happy Painting!


hwfarber said...

I like your snake bracelet. I have an old one--30's costume--and missing one eye. I love wearing it because people in this area hate, really hate, snakes.

AutumnLeaves said...

Yeesh! Did I miss the black velvet kitsch? LOL Or did I comment? (I can't even remember!) I would have loved to have seen it, my dear Celeste! Anyway, love the bracelet but what is it resting on? That looks so cool too!