Friday, May 21, 2010

when all else fails......crop!

Yesterday PPASP planned to paint on the top floor of the parking garage at 10th & Yamhill. It was a perfect day and I began a painting of Jackson Tower. (Ambitious!) I wasn't 20 minutes into the painting when a patrol guy (on a bicycle) pedaled over to me.

Patrol guy: What are you painting?
Me: That building there
PG: Are you parked here?
Me: yes, that is my car right there
PG: welllllll this is a cool place to hang out and all, but you can't stay here
Me: oh...really? oh...I can't? oh.....we painted here a couple years ago, no problem.
PG: soooooooo...You can leave in 5 minutes.all right?
Me: eh.
Well. Things do not always go according to plan. My Jackson Tower really didn't fly so this is the rest of the painting without it. I got some exceptional photos from the roof --and though I do not like working much from photos..I just might give Jackson Tower another shot down the road.

A couple of us went over to Starbucks and enjoyed the rest of the day anyway. Patrol Guy had to do his job. My plein air friend Brooks managed to get quite a lot done on his painting. Go HERE to see.


Sheila said...

Was Patrol Guy a Rent-a-Cop or a real officer? He must have been a rookie either way. *sigh* It's the nice, compliant citizens that enable the cops to use discretion once in a while. *more sighs*

I love the close crop landscape completed in adversarial conditions.

-Don said...

Well, this crop is spectacular...

I'm curious why the patrol guy asked what you were painting before he told you that you had to leave. What difference did that make in his decision making process regarding your loitering?


Art with Liz said...

Seems to be part of the plein are experience! Getting kicked off site. But this cropped painting is really great - like the format.

Kathy said...

I guess the officer was just doing his job, but it's too bad you couldn't continue your work! Maybe you should have offered to paint his portrait :-)

AutumnLeaves said...

I loved this painting when I visited Behind the Scenes a couple of days ago. The elongated canvas is just perfect for the big skies of the PNW! It is beautiful, my friend!

Celeste Bergin said...

--Don, I think he was trying to "soften the blow" (by asking me what I was painting). thanks for commenting, Sheila, Don Liz, Kathy and Sherry!

Suzanne said...

I love the slice of the pie you were able to capture. And to see that Brooks completed his painting in time!
I was a bit amused with the PG story but anytime I'm downtown that's where I park and walk. Patrol Guys are there all the time. Frequently "the loitering" group with strong smell of pot enter in and PG's put to work. "Artists" are definately not the same type but I can just hear the comlpaints...
You were lucky to be spared the heavy rain and hail that was across the river.

r garriott said...

Outrageous! Maybe you could bring him up on counter charges of 'obstructing art'!

The painting's marvelous. Art prevails.

Anonymous said...

You know how those pesky plein air painters are- give them an inch and they'll paint everything!
Mr. Officer sounds like he was being pretty nice- giving you a little time to wrap everything up. Guess you'll have to go another day.
Beautiful painting!

hwfarber said...

I like this a lot and I like R Garriott's suggestion--"obstructing art" charges.

Caio Fernandes one more Lord's lamb said...

once my friend and i were drawing the penitenciary that existed in Sao Paulo's north area 10 years ago or so .... we were almost arrested bcause the police thought we were passing information to the interns that were at the window of the jails . hahah!!

you just injected the beauty of this pinting inside my chest now , Celeste . you are beautiful .

The Art of Scott L Hendrie said...

Just a note to the graphics for the "geezer gallery", even that lacks in quality. If they want to attract an older audience, do things that would appeal to that age group, of which I am a member.