Sunday, June 13, 2010

No painting today..BUT!

I didn't paint anything today. Instead I made up my mind that I would clean up my "bunker" studio (in the basement). I can't bring myself to upload the "before" photos. Suffice it to say--My bunker studio was chaos. There were so many things on the floor I had to step around everything. Since it is finally nice weather I was able to take things out the door onto the patio. I put "like with like" and wound up with stacks of sketchbooks, paintings, frames, materials and books. I spent all afternoon on this project and I will continue working on it tomorrow.
At last the floor is visable again. Phase II of this project will be photographing all my work to update my website (long overdue).

I keep this portrait of my Father's Mother in my studio (see below). It seems funny to call her my Grandmother, because I never met her. Her name was Otilla and she died young, long before I was born, during a big wave of tuberculous in Illinois. Her husband (my grandfather) died too, within days of Otilla and my Father and his siblings were orphaned at an early age. I lead such a life of privilege compared to my Father's family! I bet my Dad's family would think it is funny that I spend my time painting paintings. They were farmers.

I want to report that I also had a portrait photo taken by Phil Harris with an old old camera--(what kind of camera took Otilla's photo?) I bet I won't like any of the results from the photo session...(not sure my hair looked any good)... but if they look all right , I will post results.

All right...that was my day.
Is your studio messy .....or tidy? Where do you store your completed paintings?

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AutumnLeaves said...

Celeste! Your grandmother is a true natural beauty. Look at that gorgeous head of hair and flawless skin! What a treasure you have. I am just as sure that your portrait session will produce fabulous results! It is in the genes, my friend. By the by; my hopes aren't up for selling on eBay. I just put the piece there because it was the only way I could think of to try to help with the Gulf cleanup efforts without having cash to donate direct. Makes it easy if it sells, if not, I'm only out 75 cents, listing fee. Generally, my stuff is too embarrassing to try to sell, but I think this piece is pretty decent for once.

hwfarber said...

Your studio is looking neat--I should be doing the same thing. I look forward to seeing the photos; neat camera.

DJ said...

Nice to know we all grapple with similar questions:
Where to store completed paintings? Is there a piece of studio furniture in a catalog somewhere that serves this purpose without damaging canvases?
What would my ancestors think of my efforts in artwork?
And of course, the most important question: How DID my hair look when that flash went off? :-)

SamArtDog said...

I don't blame you for having this portrait of Otilla (amazing names back then) in your studio. She had/has such a presence.

I cleaned my studio this weekend, too. Puts everything in sharper focus. Most of my finished paintings are down the the cellar. I'm sure that says something, but I'm too busy painting to listen.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Celeste! Looks pretty clean there in the Bunker!! What are you doing with all of the paintings? Hard to store things when you are prolific, as you are.

For the last two years, I've done a January 2 clean up -- take out the year's worth of paintings and decide what I keep, what I wash off, what I throw out, and what I frame. If anything, it's a good chance to take note of any artistic development I've made in the last year. I always hope for more than I see, but I'm pleased to see some!

Congrats on the Pittock Mansion prize!!

Caio Fernandes said...

so cool to see all this , Celeste .
and what a good taste you have .

Mitzi Easley said...

Usually messy but right now pretty tidy. Congrats on the studio cleanup Celeste! no great storage solutions here but will look forward to yours! Last but certainly not least - love the palette choices for Summer! Delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic old camera!! Celeste- I think you are a lovely woman and very photogenic- I'm looking forward to seeing your portrait shots.
Congrats on the studio clean out- you got a lot done!

r garriott said...

What a great post. It's good to clear out and organize the studio now and then. I used to do it every Friday afternoon so it would be clean and neat on Monday. It's definitely time again. And the way I feel at the moment, I think I will store all of my paintings in the dumpster out back. A nice permanent solution.

Love the photo of your grandmother.

Kerri Settle said...

My studio work space is tiny and often messy, though I like to think somewhere in there is order to the chaos. My bigger completed paintings just hang on the walls, my smaller ones go into a literature organizer thing I bought years ago that have 24 slots in them. I've seen other artists that use DVD/CD racks for storing their smaller ones.

padmaja said...

Thanks for thinking to post this topic! Always wondered how others managed with their art spaces.. your studio looks so neat! Your grand mother is a natural beauty.

Earthula said...

The studio spaces can get a mess. I love that you couldn't bring yourself to show the before.
The after looks very organized so that is all that really matters.. at this moment.

Cellular memories.

-Don said...

Your not going to know where anything is at, but at least you can get around in there again. Great post - love the shot of Otilla. She was beautiful.


-Don said...

BTW, my studio stays fairly tidy except when I'm in the middle of a major project.


GretaMichelle Joachim said...

Celeste at this point I envy anyone who has a separate space to do their art.
This is my long term project: to get my own studio space so that my husband and daughter can get back their living room space where I take up a corner.
Glad you got that done.