Monday, September 27, 2010

Judy, "Third Ballerina" and the end of the Plein Air 2010 show

This was my figure submission into Saturday's Quick Draw. A fair resemblance, but I hope to get another chance to paint her again one day. Yesterday I went to George Broderick's solo show "The Third Ballerina" at his wonderful Gallery in Rainier. (To have a look at the opening and exhibit go HERE). Today I helped take down the plein air show at Columbia Art Gallery and I finalized a painting to take in to hang in the Eight+ show at O'Connor's tomorrow.

1. Top Color Sketch: Celeste Bergin, "Judy" (Quick Draw) 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas Panel
2. George Broderick's Gallery
3. Columbia Art Gallery...empty of paintings


-Don said...

A very productive art day, indeed... "Judy" is a wonderfully done Quick Draw. Forgive me if you've gone over this before, but how long are you allowed to create these?

I want to thank you for the wonderful comment you left for me on "The Summoning Fire". It made my day.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

You've captured a great pensive look from Judy. I like the yellow of the dress.

You are a busy woman! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. It means a lot.

Art with Liz said...

A beautiful painting Celeste. She looks lovely to paint!

Kathy said...

A lovely painting! How do you manage to do so much AND paint?? I could never keep up with you :-)

Dean H. said...

Nice variety of edges in the portrait!

B Boylan said...

You run circles around me! How productive and fun! You are livin' the life! :)

Dan Kent said...

How long does it take to do this Quick Sketch? And the others you do at live sessions? This is so well done. So let me tell you how impressed I am. I like painting people (as you know) and I want to paint in acrylics so I have just started painting a sort of a composite person (first mistake) with hands in the picture (second mistake). So I covered the canvas with color, tried to move swiftly, created first step (zombie woman with one arm arising from the depths), now in second step (manikin woman), and I never had so much fun! Wish you were here to give me tips! Thanks for inspiring me.