Friday, September 10, 2010

Running into artist pals and looking back

I had to attend a meeting today at Columbia Art Gallery about the upcoming Quick Draw* (I get to help organize it!) I ran into my artist pals Vicki Zimmerman and Stephanie Cissna who were there to take in the Pacific NW Plein Air 2010 show. We're all from Portland, a one hour drive. It was a great surprise to see them (unexpectedly) away from home. The Quick Draw is for anyone who is interested..any level whatsoever. Learn about it here.
Also...I located a batch of figures on my computer (done during 2009-10) and I thought I'd put them together into a slide show for this post (since I didn't paint or draw anything new today). It's nifty to see the figures (painted mostly from life) all in one place. Do people still say "nifty"? If not, they should.

Top photo (L to R): Me, Vicki Zimmerman and Stephanie Cissna

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Dan Kent said...

I've been playing catch-up. It is amazing and inspiring to me that Long Wait, Sandy Delta, and The Neighborhood are all done by the same artist. Beautiful works using different techniques. These figure studies are wonderful too!