Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eric Jacobsen: Fall Workshop, Glenwood WA

We were on the road early this morning to get to Glenwood, WA for Eric Jacobsen's weekend workshop. Once off the freeway, a deer crossed right in front of us. Make yourself more scarce, Bambi! I understand today is the first day of hunting season. Eric did a demonstration painting and then we had to do our own paintings. I know I will keep this practice painting (for reference) to paint the scene again. It was a great day..and I get to return tomorrow.

Workshop practice painting, Celeste Bergin, Glenwood Barn, oil on 9 x 12 canvas panel

Photos from top to bottom:

Freeway, early morning
Bambi crossing in front of us
Mt. Adams
Some workshop participants
Eric Jacobsen Demonstration
Painting in the convenient shadow of the truck


graziano tessarolo said...

Very nice.
Ciao Graziano

Susan Roux said...

I really like your color palette in this piece. Looks like a great time in a beautiful spot!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

A perfect weather day for your Glenwood workshop. Your study looks great -- big shapes in the right temperature and with the right value. Looking forward to day 2 photos! Be careful of wildlife!!

Dennis Dame said...

Looks like a great time. We are so lucking to live in the great NW! This time of year is my favorite!!
Nice painting!!

Carrie H. said...

Nice work! I hope you got to go out again today.
I'm chuckling at Steph's turquoise umbrella. You do what you have to when you want shade and can't paint next to the truck.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Celeste, I love this, the simplicity, and lack of detail, is elegant and striking. Sounds like a fun day!

Stephen Parker said...

Really beautiful, Celeste. Love your strong, yet subtle mix f colors and the simplification of the main shapes.

The workshops you've been taking sound wonderful and you're SO thriving in the environment.