Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sketching at the Lone Fir Cemetery

After meeting at Bread & Ink Katherine & I went to the Lone Fir Cemetery. I never tire of the place, it is endlessly interesting. We happened on a lifelike lhasa apso stuffed dog that was placed onto an old grave. One just has to wonder what the story is there. More HERE.
Sketch: Celeste Bergin. Celtic cross, pen on 6x9 paper


Kathy said...

Your sketch is powerful. I really like it just as it is! Since childhood I've been fascinated with cemetaries and the interesting inscriptions on the headstones. They give us a glimpse of cultures, past and present.

Linda Popple said...

Your sketch is really good! The subject is good and your lines are so confident.

Looks like a wonderful place to do any art or just walk and explore. You found an interesting grave site with the stuffed animal. The numbers are odd, if I am reading them correctly. 1881 - 1018 (1818) And then to see a new stuffed dog on such an old grave (although it doesn't look that old). Yikes! Too many unknowns! Have a good weekend!!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

A beautiful day in a beautiful place with a beautiful friend. It doesn't get much better than that!

Machelle Blankenship said...

Inspirational surroundings. Love the sketch.

hwfarber said...

Interesting place, and I love the dog.

Kitty Wallis said...

Celeste, I open you email every day looking forward to the length and breadth of your painter's inquiry. You always are generous with your sharing.

The cross is a fine sketch, confident and a great capture of solid mass with delicate lines.