Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday .....and the week in review

My "planned" landscape has to wait yet another day...only time for sketching today. I had a great week, aside from the flat tire. I hope your week in review was a good one ....and that the week ahead will also be positive!
Sketch: Celeste Bergin, Cafe patron, charcoal on 6 x 9 paper


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Great week in review! Love the sketch of the cafe patron and the one in your slideshow of Irene!! Your quick sketches are lively and fun and show your hours of figure practice. I hope this week is positive, too. Just say NO to flat tires!!

Anonymous said...

hey Celeste, just looked at your recent work and it is so full of energy and yet thought provoking. yep, i go to my charcoals too when i can't paint for one reason or another... lovely sketch

Kathy said...

What a wonderful week!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

martinealison said...

Ce dernier dessin est plein d'énergie et de calme... très contradictoire, n'est-ce pas ? Et pourtant c'est ce que je ressens en l'admirant.