Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another underpainting

The last underpainting was I thought I'd do another one with some close values. I have three Fastmatte samples, so I used those again for this night scene (from a photo reference). Once again, I will paint over the top of this tomorrow. I could have completed this tonight (Fastmatte dries quite fast),  but it is interesting for me to come back to it another day (I don't generally work in 2 stages).

Underpainting: Celeste Bergin, Moonlit Villa, oil on 10x10 stretched canvas

1. These are the Fastmatte colors I have, Ultramarine blue, Transparent Red Oxide and White.

2. Sectioning off the canvas into 3rds

 3. Sketching in the most important design features

4. Continuing to place simple shapes 

5. Underpainting with the values I'll use in the finish tomorrow...(see you then!)


Anonymous said...

Can't leave a comment. Try getting rid of your word verification. Jenny Short

AutumnLeaves said...

Gosh, and once again I see this as a stand alone beautiful piece. I have to say that I enjoyed seeing the steps in this one, Celeste. I think I learned something new! Thank you for that!!

Virginia Floyd said...

I like that you showed your process, Celeste. It's very helpful in understanding how you did it. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

PAMO ART said...

It's looking wonderful Celeste! I really love it and look forward to seeing more.
Your work inspires always.

Dan Kent said...

I was fairly amazed at the underpainting-to-painting transition in the last two posts. I also enjoyed seeing the process for you underpainting here. 2 steps now. Soon maybe 3, then 4 and then - after a while - you'll be taking as long as me to finish formal paintings! Something to aspire to. :)

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Merci Céleste pour ce post qui nous permet de voir les étapes de votre travail c'est très intéressant, et j'aime beaucoup votre peinture.
bon dimanche!

Reid said...

Oh wow! You section off your canvas for compositional layouts before painting! hrmm... Maybe one day I'll give that a try. I usually just wing it and hope for the best. Working in acrylic grants me the freedom. It dries in like 5-10 minutes indoors in AC. I can always just paint over what ever I don't like... which is surprisingly more than anyone would think.