Friday, December 16, 2011

Art Collecting (Part II)

Last night I met with my art friend Michael Lindstrom and I picked up my newest art acquisition, a wonderful plein air painting from Steigerwald Refuge.  My new painting is already installed in a perfect spot where I will see it every day.
 I thought this occasion is a good time to re-post  my "Art that I own, I am a Collector" post from July of 2011. I added a few new photos, but the list is still not quite complete.

I think most artists admire other artists..I'm no exception. For many years I didn't have anything much on my walls except for my own work, but recently I realized that now I have a good start on a great art collection. Some things I have purchased, some things have been trades..I love all these treasures (yes, even this questionable and "ugly" Dali). Welcome to my my collection, (scroll down, it's in random order):

This is a signed lithograph by Salvador Dali. it was purchased in 1978 in the Bahamas. It is from the "Pergatory" panels of Dante's Inferno. I have a certificate of authentication, however, Dali is the most forged artist of all time.  In order to be confirmed that it is attributed to Dali I would have to have it appraised by a firm that is accredited to authenticate in Dali. It's spendy and I don't know if I want to make the investment in knowing. This is the first "real art" (if it is) that I ever owned. I realize that it is very er...novel but the strangeness of it thoroughly impresses me,  along with the fact that it may be an actual Dali.

I bought this painting on eBay a couple of years ago. Thanks to my blogging friend hwfarber, I learned this was painted by Arturs Upelniek/Upelnieks (born 1911). Here is a link to a post about one of my favorite acquisitions. (An interesting thing that I later learned about Mr. Upelniek was that he was once lost at sea, and many of his paintings depict a relentlessly dark and foreboding ocean). Upelniek immigrated from Latvia and became a member of the Ashcan school.

A beautiful piece of pottery by Kurtis Piltz (no website). I traded a  painting for it.
I use it as an umbrella stand or to hold huge arrangements.
(The Kitty cat, Daisy is also a "prized possession").

Life casting, by Peny Wallace (I bought this in 2009, it is of Peny's daughter)

Another of my most favorite paintings, by Eric Jacobsen
I acquired it very close to this event.

A classic Eric Jacobsen landscape (isn't it beautiful!?) Acquired in 2009

Small painting by Eric Jacobsen purchased at Eric's studio sale

Small painting II by Eric Jacobsen purchased at Eric's studio sale

Brenda Boylan pastel (I traded a small painting for this)

Eric Bowman Acquired 2010 (I feel so lucky to own this!)

A study by Crawfurd Adamson (Gift from Crawfurd and Broderick Gallery)

Bonnie White, Gorge artist (purchased at Gorge White House)

Hanging vase by Margaret Synan-Russell

Painting purchased during Cathleen Rehfeld's Studio Sale

Cathleen Rehfeld (artist trading card, I still have to do mine)

Mosaic purchased at Bread and Ink Emilie Machon (no website)
The artist told me that when that cup accidently broke she announced,
"No problem, I will just use it in my next mosaic!"

Painting purchased during Portland Open Studios, Virginia Leonnig
... see the WPA influence?

Mark Larsen (trade for a painting of mine)

Kimberly Kent, purchase of one of her plein air encaustics (during her studio sale)

Kimberly Kent, (Gift) Abstract Expressionist Oil Painting

Mike Rangner, purchased at the Gorge White House

Scott L. Hendrie, Watercolor and ink portrait of "me" (gift)

Todd Smith Oil painting purchased at Todd's solo show at Gorge White House...(it's TOO good!)

Elizabeth See, Purchased at Columbia Art Gallery 10/10

Carolyn Rondthaler, (Watercolor), purchase from her show at First Unitarian Church, summer 2011

Eric Bowman, purchased in his "Collector's show" December 2011 (I ♥ this painting! )

Michael Lindstrom (Oil painting trade) My newest acquisition---Plein air, so thrillingly "fresh"

This is not absolutely everything..I have to add photos for work by Marcia Vander Schaaf, Stephanie Cissna, Karen E. Lewis and Olivia Jacobsen! It was fun posting my collection to share with you!
What about you collect art --what do you have on your walls?
 It is a good thing acquire art!


hw (hallie) farber said...

A wonderful collection, Celeste. I like the Dali, too (authentic or not) because it is so "Daliesque."

Linda Popple said...

So interesting to see your art collection. I, too, have done a little collecting. It's something I love!

Anonymous said...

I also have lots of art that I've purchased. I tend to buy from my blogging artist friends when I have the money. Many are priced too prohibitively so that often guides what I can buy and when I can buy it! LOL My ultimate goal is to have something from all those artists that I follow!

Sadami said...

Hi, Celeste,
The collection tells have wonderful friends around you!!!ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ

Virginia Floyd said...

Thanks for sharing! You have a wonderful collection.

Libby Fife said...

What a wonderful tour! Thank you. I especially like the piece by Virginia. Her work is very WPAish:)

Candace X. Moore said...

Inspiring, Celeste. I'll post my collection one of these days, much smaller than yours. I actually think this would be an interesting blog theme... "Artists Collecting Art".

Kevin Weaver said...

A wonderful new addition to your collection! I added one of Mikes paintings to my collection this summer, on the same day I added a "Celeste Bergin" to my collection...and I love them both!!! :-)

billspaintingmn said...

Fun collection Celeste!
My first purchase was a hand signed Dali litho. I got it in 81"-82" Same sory as yours...

I have a fairly good collection going. It'a a work in progress.

Sara Mathewson said...

Hi Celeste,
i read your bog in my email and not sure if I have ever posted a comment.
i love collecting art. and during the holidays there are usually sales so that is when I do the most buying.
Some of my collection is in MN with my daughter and my friend. i am missing them though so hope to get them shipped to me soon. I have some that need frames so haven't seen the light of day for a couple of years! but, this is the year everything will get proper frames and hung up on the walls. It's so exciting and fun. it definitely makes me happy to see paintings of artist's i admire hanging on my walls! Great post and I love your collection!


Michael Lindstrom said...

Thanks Celese for sharing your great collection of artwork. I am thrilled to become apart of it. And i know Vicki and i are equally excited about our new Celeste Bergin painting that is hanging in our home.