Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life painting session --"L"

 I got to be the transportation again today for our model "L". She is a very pleasant and pretty young person. She told me later that the pose was very challenging for her ...the arm she was leaning on was hurting and she had to will herself to stay still. I had my own challenges...some of my painting was satisfactory, some not.  I always have some charcoal with me, so if I get frustrated (which I did) I can alleviate some of the aggravation by doing a quick sketch.

Painting: Celeste Bergin, "L", oil on 12 x 18 canvas panel

Sketch: Celeste Bergin, "L", Charcoal on 6 x 9 paper


martinealison said...

Une belle capture... Une grande douceur se répand sur cette jeune femme de par sa manière alanguie de poser. Cette même douceur se retrouve dans le visage que vous avez magnifiquement croqué au fusain.
J'aime aussi particulièrement le choix des nuances de couleurs qui lui corrobore cette délicatesse.

Celeste Bergin said...

Martine wrote:

A beautiful capture ... Very soft spreads over this young woman by its languid way to ask. The same is reflected in the smooth face you have beautifully sketched in charcoal.
I also like the choice of the particular nuances of color that supports this delicacy.

(Thanks Martine!)

hw (hallie) farber said...

You always make magic with charcoal.

Sheryl Anthony said...

I would be happy if this was my painting. I think your standards are a lot different than mine. It impresses me that your proportions are so good. It all looks way above average to me.

Jane said...

I like the charcoal a lot..looks a bit like you. And the light on the nude figure is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am so struck by the background on this piece, Celeste. It is so interesting and beautiful! I think you did a fabulous job on the model too. Love the charcoal sketch; she is a stunning girl!

Dean H. said...

Nice work on both, Celeste! I like how you have de-emphasized several areas in the painting in order to direct the eye.

Casey Klahn said...

I feel guilty about not being in the studio whenever I visit here. Unless, I have been in the studio...better go crank up the heater out there!

billspaintingmn said...

Your figure painting is looking good!
It's as tuff for the artist as it is for the model. Everyone is giving their all.
The charcoal does reflect a bit of you, looks great!

Thanks for your posting(s) It has to
be tuff to do everyday. Your comitment to your art, and your viewers is apprciated! :)