Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I like painting things on magazine pages. I know it is not "archival" and I don't care, because it is simply for practice. It is kind of fun looking through the magazine to choose the headline...and I chose this page because "Richard Long" was my 8th grade art teacher. When "Mister Long" wasn't babysitting a bunch of dippy youngsters he painted wonderful paintings, many of them with dark subjects, like the JFK assassination. Hard to believe, I know.... in 8th grade I was kind of an incorrigible. Mister Long used to have to confiscate things from me because I liked to disrupt the class, but he never punished me very harshly. I think he liked young people and he had an inordinate amount of patience.

Clarification: The magazine article is about a different artist with the same name as my teacher. Do you share your name with another?
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Michael Lindstrom said...

What a great story Celeste, looks like Mr. Long had quite the career. Great sketch too!

Linda Popple said...

I like your paintings on magazines and this one is especially nice with your 8th grade story.

martinealison said...

Un bouquet qui boit la lecture de ce magazine ... Une communion artistique et littéraire intéressante.
Un bel hommage à votre professeur.
Gros bisous

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say I've been inspired by an art teacher but I don't think I really have been. Did Richard Long lead you into art, Celeste? I think that is so cool that the magazine did an article on him! I love when you paint on the magazine pages; they always looks so darned cool! This beautiful piece is no exception!

Dean H. said...

What a wonderful way to work, Celeste!
Combining art, memories, and freedom. To heck with archivalness...emotions last forever!
By the way, That's a beautiful floral.

Celeste Bergin said...

thanks Michael, Linda, Martine, Sherry and Dean!

Martine wrote: Communion artistic and literary interest.
A beautiful tribute to your teacher.
big kiss

(Thanks Martine!)

Sherry, I should many of us who share the same name with someone else...the Richard Long that the article is about was an artist in the UK. "My" Richard Long was an artist in the midwest/US. You asked if he lead me into art....well, he taught us perspective & "from that perspective" (pun intended) he did.. to some degree.

Thanks all for your comments...they make my day! :)

Unknown said...

Hey look!----
You have 500 followers.!!!
I like these magazine bouquets you have done this month.
I might try one in gouache.

Sheryl Anthony said...

There are 18 Sheryl Anthonys. That's a surprise! I enjoy these paintings that you do on printed pages.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

oooh I love how you painted on the magazine page....I paint on pages from old music books but the magazine offers much more variety...looks great! I used to share my maiden name with lots......a fabulous ballerina from the New York City Ballet...a lawyer in LA....on and on and on....don´t have that problem anymore though:)

David E. Castillo said...

there are more than 400 people with my name (and I've met a few of them)
put those paintings on paper in frames they are good

billspaintingmn said...

Creatively done Celeste! What a cool idea.

I can imagine you disrupting the class! 8th grade was a wonderful time to do that sort of thing. I know I did!

A friend of mine has a nieghbor with my name. Except his last name is Wahlberg, mine is Whalberg.
(he even commented poeple call and ask him if he's the artist Bill Whalberg.)

hw (hallie) farber said...

I love the painting. My high school art teachers were patient; I once hit one in the head with an eraser (she let us throw erasers for the first five minutes of class). I learned very little about art in HS, but I still throw things.

Mary Rochelle said...

I love your bouquets on magazine pages. It 'tells a story' as an illustration would. Very, very cool. said...

Love the painting - love the story.