Thursday, January 5, 2012


Did you know that you really need very little in the way of supplies to paint outdoors? At first I didn't, in the beginning I dragged a veritable studio outside, two giant bags, an easel, and pounds and pounds of stuff! Then I got wise and looked at the endeavor as more of a simple sketching situation.  This is one of the systems I use, a cigar box that I bought at a thrift shop. I squeeze paint directly into it ......and I've painted many paintings from it.

Painting: Celeste Bergin, Hillside, oil on 6x8canvas panel


Linda Popple said...

Great idea! So many times I have wanted to do a small simple painting, but had nothing. Maybe I can ask for a cigar box at a cigar store. And with a very limited palette I could keep everything in the car. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yet another fabulous plein aire idea! Look at that gorgeous sky in the piece on the "easel" too. I was torn between looking at the painting and looking at your palette! I'm pretty sure I'll never manage to be a plein aire painter. I just don't like being outside enough.

loriann signori said...

Good for you Celeste! Pastels have made it easy for me to keep the load down ...but now you make it look simple in oils. Nice painting too!

Libby Fife said...

It is astonishing isn't it? For sketching in the car, I have two clamps and a flat metal rod. I clamp them to the steering wheel and the thing holds my sketch book so I can have my hands free to futz with the paint. The water cup sits in the cup holder! Don't tell my husband!

Maritza said...

Me encantó el detalle de poner parte del proceso de la pintura: tu paleta y tu pincel, le dan una calidez y cercanía que es muy emotiva.
Estos detalles le transmiten vida a lo que hacemos.

Besos, Celeste.
Desde Chile, con admiración.

billspaintingmn said...

Celeste! Working smart is always
best, especially when outside in the elements.
I'm reminded of Nathan Fowkes and
his convieniant set up.

I am of course eager to set up my take it easel, we just don't have any snow, and I want to brave it like Stapleton Kearn when I use it!

Nice painting and post!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

It seems we are always trying to complicate things doesn't it. I enjoyed seeing your cigar box. Looks loved.

L.W.Roth, said...

Wonderful idea. Compact and light weight combination of palette and easel. That's absolutely the right way to go. Clean up is a wipe out and you just hook a medium container on the side? --Am I getting too into it?

Dave Starr said...

Celeste, I had a cigar box to paint from and I did not like it!
I like your painting, though. I don't know how you did it with such a small area for mixing

Kevin Neal said...

Well now I have NO excuse not to be a plein aire painter if you can do that with oils. Thanks for another good tip.