Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I took Craig Srebnik's figure class recently. He had us thinking about depicting the body carefully. In the class we often referred to Bridgman's Guide to Drawing from Life. (It turns out the book is available in several places online in pdf form). I liked when Srebnik discussed the "distribution of masses" with us. Bridgman's round-square-round-square system helps to make sense of many shapes within the figure.

In other news, I took a walk today and as usual I wound up at the Monastery. The sky was especially pretty. One of these days I vow to sketch or paint at least a portion of this beautiful building.

(Top Photo) Practice sketch: Celeste Bergin, Distribution of Masses, pencil on gessoed paper


Sheryl Anthony said...

Celeste! thanks so much for the link to that book! wow! I will read it! I agree, the formula would be easy to follow and make it easier to depict human form.

Autumn Leaves said...

What a fabulous drawing you have here. I always tend to struggle with the human form myself and never could see the shapes that comprise it. I too thank you for the link.

Look at that bright sky! Not too common for this early in the year. Looks like you had a beautiful day for a walk and ultimate destination. Can't wait to see your painting of the monastery!

Anonymous said...

THANKS for the link!

Dean H. said...

Interesting concept...round, square, round. Never heard of it before.
That monastery will make a grand painting!


sunny day in Portland! Love the drawing tips-always. And, thanks for the tips about removing the "not robot, passwords"-I had to go into old Blogger interface to make it work and then return to new interface.