Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Recently I saw an amazing commercial, "L'Odyssée de Cartier." It's a full three minutes long and rumored ot have cost over 5 million dollars. It may be wrong of me (especially when I realize how the cost of it could feed a small country), but I love the ad. It is, shall we say, visually magnificent (video below). What confuses me is that Cartier's symbol is the panther, but isn't that animal in the ad a leopard?

I didn't have time to paint today, but I always do something art-related every day. Sometimes, like today, it is just a pen sketch.
Someone asked me a while back what type pens I use. I like Staedtler Mars fineliners. I've learned from my friend Carrie Holst, it is important to double check all your pens to make sure that the cap is snapped on super-securely, or they will dry out fast! Some pen brands even seem to require a double snap.

In other news from today, I got to ride-along to pick up a friend from the airport. We made the hour and 1/2 trip to Sheridan where Annie met up with her son who is becoming a firefighter. We got to visit the Sheridan Fire Department and got a tour of the facility:

(from L to R) Trevor, Dave, Billy & Annie

I learned a lot about what types of vehicles are used for what sort of emergency. Not really any sort of a L'Odyssée, but certainly a super interesting field trip.

(Top Photo) Sketch: Celeste Bergin, "Shopping!" ink on 6x9 paper


Carol Lee Beckx said...

Oh Celeste - I love the ad too! Guilty pleasure indeed.

On the Cartier website there's a video about the making of the ad as well as the music and the panthers. It seems the genus is panthera like the African Leopard is Panthera pardus pardus.Interesting.
Now back to the studio!

shari erickson said...

When I first saw that commercial, I was mesmerized! Any of the big cats can be referred to as a panther, being from the genus Panthera. A melanistic leopard or jaguar are the familiar black panthers. You crack me up, how everything is possible art subject matter!Your sketch captured that commercial perfectly.

martinealison said...

Une très jolie publication... Un croquis pris sur le vif de vos sentiments... intéressant.
Gros bisous

CrimsonLeaves said...

I agree with you about the visual appeal of the commercial, Celeste. Stunning (I love the scene with the horses and sleigh)! I also love your sketch, all the glamorous things...Oh to have even a nuance of glamor!

The field trip sounds like the type of thing I love to do!!

Chris said...

so true about the pens although I've been able to get some running again when I dip them in water or coffee a few times. Whereas many out there are daily painters, art is your daily practice. I enjoy the artistic perspective you bring to the events in your life that you share with us.

Dean H. said...

Exceptionally fine pen sketch, Celeste!!

Actually, I believe the big cat is a jaguar due to the markings and body build. Those don't look like leopard spots.

L.W.Roth, said...

That is a great ad! No, Cartier has been a leopard as long as I can remember. My friend's mom had the pin. It was a knock out! Then they made the bracelet--it's in the commercial. That was a knock out too.

I learned to snap those pens closed when I was using Rapidiograph pens for my presentational architectural drawings. I really did not want those pen tips to dry out--and I never stored them laying down, only upright. Don't know if storage orientation has anything to do with the drying out of drawing pens. But I do know that shelf life has a lot to do with it.

hw (hallie) farber said...

The first time I saw this commercial, I thought it was for travel or Disneyland--until the very end.

Manel said...

Estas pinceladas tuyas me dan una envidia tremenda. Me encanta esa obra empezada.