Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today my art friend Stephanie Cissna and I attended Srebnik's Saturday demonstration. It was remarkable (as usual) and I photographed the results to submit it to the Alla Prima Portland blog soon. Stephanie and I also stopped in to see the Lake Artist's show in Lake Oswego. A perfect way to spend a Saturday.

I have a couple of shows coming up. The first one, Interpretations, is a group show at Columbia Art Gallery with a First Friday reception on May 4. The 2nd one is a solo show at The Gorge White House, with a reception on Sunday, May 6.  I'll put up a reminder as the dates approach.

It's an opportune time for me to extend a big THANK YOU to all of you who follow my blog, comment and generally support me. I sincerely appreciate all of you! When I started blogging I had no idea that it would enable me to connect with so many great people. Thanks again for paying attention to my work...I value you!

(Top Photo) Painting: Celeste Bergin, Sunflowers, oil on gessoed 11x14 card stock

Click on the image below to learn more about Interpretations:


Unknown said...

It is a pleasure to visit your blog and follow your work, congratulations for bringing such good work always. May it always be so.

Gatepost productions said...

As you may have noticed in my stuff, Celeste, I'm keen on capturing every small detail and a traditionalist. Despite that, I always 'get' your impressionist pictures, the message always penetrates this thick skull. Love the flowers, and feel pleased that I do.
Which is one reason I follow your blog - the other is that you make it so entertaining ... consequently, it us who should be thanking you.

Would love to visit your shows, but 3000+ miles makes it a little difficult

Dan Kent said...

Congratulations on the shows! Beautiful flowers. It is you that enriches my life every day. Thank you for being here, so generous in sharing your artist's life and work.

Autumn Leaves said...

Another piece that is full of mood and oh so pretty! I so wish you much success with your shows, my dear friend.

Linda Roth said...

And with this painting, I will go to my studio. It's inspiring, but I'm going to have to make up the flowers.
None are in the garden and I haven't been to the florist or supermarket in days. I think I'll use oils. You're inspirational that way too.

David E. Castillo said...

Painted confidentally. I'm coming to that Friday reception. See you there.