Saturday, April 21, 2012


I took Eric Jacobsen's one day still life workshop at Art on the Boulevard today.  Eric did a demonstration and afterwards I tried to emulate his bold shapes and clean color in my own painting. The one day version of Eric's workshops are great because he packs plenty of information into the session and now we have the rest of the weekend to think about what we learned and to try other things (leisurely) based on what we learned today. It's more relaxed than a 2 or 3 day workshop, but there is no skimping on the information.  Eric made us think a lot about color relationship today. He is a fantastic teacher and I'm signed up for his next one.

An added bonus for me was meeting "the other Celeste". For years I have heard of Celeste Jones and she tells me that for years she has heard of me (because of regional art groups and events).  Finally we ran into each other in person. Celeste takes part in the live model session every Saturday at Vancouver Marketplace (in the courtyard of Art on the Boulevard). I may throw in some looks like a really good deal!

Slideshow below.....are you having a good weekend..?

(Top photo) Workshop Study, Celeste Bergin Still life with Peppers, oil on 18x12 canvas panel


Marie Theron said...

A delightful still life. Wonderful contrasts make it so alive!

martinealison said...

Une publication où le bonheur de peindre et d'apprendre encore et encore se fait ressentir... De belles rencontres aussi.
La peinture que vous avez réalisée lors de cette cession est très printanière de par ses couleurs fraîches et vivifiantes à la fois. Une nature morte qui n'en est pas.
Gros bisous

Gatepost productions said...

These workshops look great,Celeste. Love your picture. The slideshow really give another dimension to your posts.
I've never been to an 'art' workshop - writing, yes, but not drawing. In fact I have never ever seen another pen & ink artist in action!! Guess I'm more an artisan than an artist!

Weekend's going well - houseful Saturday, family, today ...drawing ALL day :0))

Autumn Leaves said...

Your colors are exquisite, Celeste. I love the small blossoms behind the still life too. I realize it was a vase behind the veggies in the set up, but in your piece, it ends up looking like a lovely snack set up outside with the beautiful blooms just beginning to pop on a lovely spring day. Gorgeous work!

Dean H. said...

Nice paint manipulation and color, Celeste! Thumbs up on workshops!

Celeste Bergin said...

Martine wrote:

A publication where happiness and learn to paint again and again is felt ... Also beautiful meetings. The painting you have done during this transfer is very spring with its colors fresh and invigorating at the same time. A still life it is not. big kisses

Thanks, Martine!

Unknown said...

I love the red in this, mainly the peppers but then all the other reds that make them stand out. Very bold and well drawn!

Pam Huggins said...

Your still life's are so appealing to me and this on is no exception. When I receive your updates in my email, I always ooh and aah- I wish you could hear me!
But since you can't, I thought I'd leave this comment to tell you so.

Celeste is a magical name after all! How nice to mean the 'other'.

Thanks for everything you do Celeste. Your art and your giving of self is very much appreciated!!!

Victoria Lindstrom said...

Great photos of what looks to be a wonderful workshop!

Michael Lindstrom said...

I was so great to spend some more time with you and Dave and Nila. It was a great day and yes, Eric, is an awesome instructor. Love the pics. Thanks so much for sharing.

Liz Ganji said...

Celeste! It was so wonderful painting next to you at the workshop. I want to thank you for being so generous and sharing your canvas with me! I will certainly do what you asked and pay it forward. You are a neat person. I'm so glad to have finally met you!
-Liz Ganji
PS: Your painting turned out fantastic. Such rich clean color! Love it!

Celeste Bergin said...

thanks Marie, martine, John Simlett, Sherry, Dean, Carrie, Pamo, Vicki, Michael, and Liz!
Blogging would not be near as fun (dare I say, it would be little fun at all) without the great feedback and comments! I appreciate you're stopping by and taking the time to write something. Liz! Thanks for coming by, it reminded me to go look at your is fantastic. Great to meet you at the workshop!