Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday & Saturday

Last night (Friday) our art discussion group (CRAG)  held it's monthly meeting. Highlights were a Potluck dinner, a super-good "texture" demonstration by Michael Lindstrom and a round of painting critiques. Our special guest was Eric Jacobsen, in town from Glenwood, to conduct a one day still life workshop on Saturday. The workshop began with a lecture and then a painting demonstration by Eric.  After that, we chose our own set up from several still life stations. The still life I chose did not have strong light directed onto it, however, I liked the shapes. I struggled with the painting, but in the end I was happy with it and I know I learned a lot. I try to get to all Eric's workshops ....they are well worth it!

Here is a slideshow of Friday & Saturday. (A BIG thanks to all involved, especially Michael and Victoria Lindstrom for hosting the CRAG meeting and making us all feel so welcome!)

Painting: Celeste Bergin, Workshop Still Life, oil on 11x14 canvas panel


Dan Kent said...

What an eye you have! I love this painting. The slide show was exciting - what and environment! I enjoyed seeing you in front of your canvas and seeing the actual still life you are working on.

Your comment, "It seems to me if you own and use a sketchbook you'll never be lonely," - it's funny, I had a very similar thought this week. Sketching and watercolor is often a solitary pursuit but I never feel alone when I do it. When I tried creative writing (short stories), it was harder for me precisely because it felt solitary. Not sketching/painting.

Carolyn Rondthaler said...

Nice group, and wonderful art!!! I love the idea of a choice of still life setups.

David E. Castillo said...

Looks to me that you paid good attention in yourworkshop. Solid brushwork and deliberate passages. You have to be pleased with the outcome. The slide show was fun to look at, it makes me want to paint and hve cake.

Unknown said...

the workshop really interesting ... and the best result. I love the texture visial you accomplished and the combination of colors.

Jane said...

Gorgeous ! Love the loose style.

Gatepost productions said...

I'm falling behind with everything, Celeste! My project is all-consuming.

Not sure what it is, but this picture I liked before I'd even seen it properly - hit my sense buds :0)

I'll have to come back to watch the slide show ... saw glimpses of it!

Save me a slice of cake please!

Autumn Leaves said...

I love the set up you chose to do Celeste. That little red vase is gorgeous and you handled those curves and deepened colors so exquisitely. The square crystal vase is also beautiful and the perfect flowers chosen to highlight that pretty shape.

You just know how to have fun and I love that you are always learning. Gives me hope for myself one of these days.

martinealison said...

Merci de partager avec nous votre vidéo... Une belle manière de se rendre compte de ce moment merveilleux que vous avez eu. Il en résulte une peinture pleine de charme aux couleurs sublimes... Un magnifique travail.
Je vous souhaite un bon dimanche, gros bisous.

Celeste Bergin said...

Martine wrote:

Thank you for sharing with us your video ... A nice way to realize this wonderful time you had. The result is a painting full of charm excellent color ... A magnificent work.
Have a good Sunday, big kisses.

(Thanks, Martine!)

hw (hallie) farber said...

Beautiful painting. We feel like part of your group--thanks for the slide show.

David E. Castillo said...

Really NICE painting and the slide show is good too

Anonymous said...

Hi Celeste,
Really enjoyed watching your slide show of your art group. The picture you painted of the white roses in the vase and the lemons are very colorful and real looking. I can only draw stick people so seeing art work by such talented artists as yourself of wonderful art work is enjoyable every day. And that real chocolate cake on the table looked delicious. Glad you had a wonderful art and friends day.