Wednesday, July 25, 2012


If this familiar to you it's because I posted in recently. One area felt wrong to me, so today I changed it. . I mostly like to paint in one sitting, but it is also fun to "re-visit". I had a great Wednesday, how about you?

Painting: Celeste Bergin, Floral (revised), oil on 8x8 canvas panel


Maritza said...

Para ponerlo sobre mi mesa! ;)

Muy hermoso óleo, lleno de color y vida!

Trabajas el volúmen de una manera magistral.


Celeste Bergin said...

Maritza wrote:

To put on my desk! ;)

Very beautiful oil painting, full of color and life!

Working the volume in a masterly manner.


thanks you MaritZa!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Such an elegant piece, Celeste. That I remember. My Wednesday? Not so hot. Thursday is starting out with a headbanger of a headache. Hope it gets better though.

Page Railsback said...

yes..It is fun to revisit and make some changes to a painting that wasn't quite right..looks great Celeste

Rosemary said...

Hi Celeste, so nice to find your creative blog, I look forward to viewing all your paintings :)

Dean H. said...

Went back and checked the original of July 8. I like your changes.
I do the same thing every so often.

Ralph said...

So wonderful what a marvellous painting . I just love all those marvellous colours.

John Simlett said...

It seemed so perfect before ... I'll have to back and look (Enters Time Machine)

... oh yes, this one is definitely more detailed and it seems brighter.
Love 'em both though.

Whilst I was back in time I took note of Alice's name ... and it is Daisy :0)

David Castillo Starr said...

I scrolled back to see the old version. They both seem right to me.

David Castillo Starr said...

You added a new flower?

hmuxo said...

A gorgeous painting, all of the colors..

Dan Kent said...

Echo above - both are beautiful but you, dear, are the artist and know best.

Michael Lindstrom said...

I LOVE your whites in this zippy piece Celeste!