Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday with Randall Sexton (and are invited!)

I got to attend Randall Sexton's one-day workshop today. What a spectacular painter/teacher he is....He lived up to his fine reputation and I feel super-lucky to have been able to watch him paint and to participate.
Randall did a morning demonstration and afterwards we painted our own scene. I chose the big old oak at Rasmussen Farm for my subject matter (photo above). I always stand while I paint, but today I could see the tree better from a seated position. (Sitting is pretty cool!) 

When I saw that Randall was getting closer to my location I elevated my tripod/pochade box back into the standing position because I anticipated that he would make corrections/revisions onto my painting. I had what I considered a semi-decent beginning and I should have photographed how my painting looked before Randall dropped by. Suffice it to say, with just a few extremely deft strokes, he improved it a thousand percent. At-the-easel instruction is amazing!

(To see more about the entire day.....go HERE).

Here is your invitation to see all the fantastic plein air painting in the competition... find out who won and celebrate with the artists! I have five paintings in the show.
Artist's reception, Friday September 7, Public Reception 6-8pm.

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Also, the beautiful Johnson Creek Council show is opening the same evening in the Vollum Lounge of Reed College. (I have three pieces in the show). Friday September 7, 6-8pm.  Here is the information:

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See you soon!:)

(Top Photo) Workshop painting start, Big Oak Tree at Rasmussen Farm, oil on 8x8 canvas panel. Note--It's not a very good photo of the painting, the painting is lighter-I'll re-photograph it eventually.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Looks like a beautiful day went along with your beautiful painting. Who wouldn't be inspired? (I admit, I'm feeling inspired all of a sudden just from reading your words and seeing your pics! Too bad I have to go to work for inspiration doesn't always come easily to me! LOL) I so wish I could see your shows, Celeste. One day I'm going to surprise you and find a way to be there!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Celeste this was so nice...

have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the slide shows on the plein air blog Celeste.
I always sit when I paint. Then my knees don't kill me later.
I like your big tree painting. I think I can see what he did, in the foreground?

Sheryl Anthony said...

Oh, I hit the button too fast, that anonymous comment was from me, Sheryl.

David Castillo Starr said...

Great looking location for painting. Nice big tree painting! You've had an amazing week. Thanks for taking us along.

David Castillo Starr said...

Curious, will you do the Hillsboro event too

Candace X. Moore said...

I'm a stander, too, Celeste. Gotta be able to step back for the big shapes. Good idea on the before and after photo,too. Nice to see what the master changed...and what he left. Best, Candace

Dean H. said...

The painting is great! Wow! You sure have a lot going on in your artistic activities!! :)

John Simlett said...

Loved the slide show ... have you noticed how many good painters are left handed?

I expect you will walk off with all the prizes, Celeste ... have fun

hw (hallie) farber said...

I have lots of catching up to do.

I love your Truck, Gorge Morning, your "kick," but the sketch?, Hood River Waterfront from Labor Day is really wonderful. (And I like Randall's plaid shorts with all those pockets.)

Hope it's a great reception.