Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Several weeks ago I painted a path at Johnson Creek Park. I used that painting as reference to paint another version tonight. I'm still on the green kick. I'm not 100% positive that this works, though I do like the fantasy colors. One must be careful when painting strong shapes in a square format...I keep seeing a big fish head now. Specifically, a catfish. Still, it's just another experiment and I might be able to break up those fish lips and ...well, as my Mom was so famous for saying....."we'll see". She used to also say "May as well, can't dance" which never made an ounce of sense to me.

I visited with my Art pal Mark Larsen today. It is always a treat to go to his house. Check Wendy's pumps at the front door, used to decorate the porch.

The fun continues inside. Mark tells me this has been referred to as "Pee Wee Herman's Grandmother's kitchen". Mark painted a sky on the ceiling, complete with puffy clouds.

Just yesterday I wrote about drawing/painting from sculptures or casts, and I enjoyed meeting this cool guy in Mark's painting studio. Mark told me that he found him at a bargain price at an antique store called "Stuff".

After my visit with Mark I turned my attention to my cat-sitting responsibility. I drove over to Maxine- the-cats house where I found her in her usual spot, hiding under the bed. Dave, her owner, told me that I should sit and watch tv for awhile to see if she'll come sit with me. Nope! Not yet! I watched nearly an entire episode of Dr. Phil today and Maxine was a no-show. Maybe tomorrow!

That was my was YOURS?

(Top Photo) Celeste Bergin, Pathway or maybe a big fish, oil on 8x8 canvas panel


hw (hallie) farber said...

Well, I don't see the fish--just a pathway to beautiful light. Love your friend's house. I'm sure the cat enjoyed listening to Dr. Phil.

David E. Castillo said...

The painting is cool, I don't see the fish. Interesting day.

David E. Castillo said...

oh, I did go to the Art Museum. did you know about the upcoming drawing workshop there?

Gatepost productions said...

Stick with the green, it's really working.

As for the fish ... well, your still looking at it as 'your painting'. Soon you will just see it as a picture and then realise why we all like it.

I like this movement towards a greenish light, be it a movement along a path or along a moonbeam.

Love the visit to your friends house - so refreshing to see individuality winning over conformity

Autumn Leaves said...

I also don't see the fish, Celeste. But I sure love the piece itself. I think the colors are gorgeous and this is the type of path that I would take if I saw it. Truly lovely!

Maritza said...

Maravilloso camino boscoso, dan ganas de llegar a esa luz al final del camino!

Pero tampoco veo el pez!!! :(

Excelente óleo,Celeste.
Mis abrazos y felicitaciones,desde Chile.

Libby Fife said...

Maybe Maxine doesn't care for Dr. Phil! LOL! Always love your out and about adventures and the painting looks really surreal-almost supernatural. (I didn't see a catfish though. Sorry!)

Dean H. said...

After looking for awhile, I saw Mr. Catfish. Would never have seen it without your mentioning it, though.
I like your use of green.
Great trees in the previous post with the green sky.

art by Michael Perchard said...

My Wednesday went very well, thank you.
My Thursday is going even better now that I have checked out your latest wonderful creation! It certainly does work! Exciting and mysterious come to mind!
Take care.

Nora MacPhail said...

That cast is just fantastic. Wonderful to draw from. Great hair! said...

I don't want to sound like a broken record but the way you use green is amazing. This is fulll of beautiful atmosphere.
I enjoyed seeing the cat under the bed. It made me laugh.

Dan Kent said...

I think it ifs magical. I like the unique view and quality of light. It stokes the imagination. It takes even more imagination to see a fish!

Dan Kent said...

I think it ifs magical. I like the unique view and quality of light. It stokes the imagination. It takes even more imagination to see a fish!

Lisa Graham said...

Some cats just don't get over their fear do they?

I LOVE the green. I don't see fish so call it Pathway. This really is a beautiful painting.