Thursday, December 27, 2012

Art, it's everywhere

A recent walk through Sunnyside Piazza (SE 33rd &Yamhill) proved to be quite a visual treat. The graffiti above was on a metal power pole.

These numbers did not seem to have any actual purpose.  Who set random number tiles into this concrete? Well,  I presume the "actual purpose" might be to make people like me wonder.

This iron structure is like a open roofed pavillion --I liked looking up at it to see how it intersected with the colorful house.

I'm impressed that the Sunnyside Piazza community managed to get the City to ok putting big planters right on the street...not to mention painting the street and sidewalk lime green! How did they manage that??

In the center of the street is a giant sunflower. It's somewhat faded, but very happy-hippy-looking nonetheless. If you find yourself in this area (it's right off Belmont), swing by and take a walk. You'll probably love it..... like I did.

I also went to the art meeting at O'Connor's today. Check out the art that showed up for discussion HERE.


Sheryl Anthony said...

I promise, I will go see this place. And I agree, how did they get that past the bureaucrats?

Autumn Leaves said...

What a lovely little community and I love seeing the "urban art" in your neck of the woods. Someone or someones are creative!

Linda Roth said...

I love your city walk photographs--particularly the house and the iron work. That would fascinate me too.

Your two paintings at the meeting were outstanding. I enjoyed their looseness, the spontaneity. While the other paintings were lovely, they were tight. The portrait had to be, but when it comes to landscapes, exacting is too exacting.

Anonymous said...

This is not far from where I live. It cheers me up to walk through our neighborhood. Thanks for featuring it.

art by Michael Perchard said...

Art is everywhere!
Thanks for reminding me!
Art on!

David E. Castillo said...

some so-called art is a blight. But you've chosen well. I agree about this place.