Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paint-Over Tuesday

Recently, I was in a discussion with some other painters about painting flowers with just 2 or 3 values. We agreed that it runs against our natural proclivity for detail,  but "No petals--just large shapes" is the mantra of many successful floral painters! I often suffer from wanting to paint petals...so my objective was to do the 2-3 value thing...(and why not go ahead and paint over an old crappy painting while I am at it...yes, why not!)
Here are the steps:

1. This is a failed landscape on it's side. The white chunk lower left was a house. I indicated the overall new shape with a dark red paint.

 2. I put down the two values and I'm aware that it doesn't look like this is going to work. I soldier on anyway.

3. I begin to add some detail (but not much) to the flowers.

 4. Once I add darks all around what I've painted thus far...it is starting to look like something.

5. Just a few more large shapes and colors (No individual petals) and Voila! A good practice session that proves that large shapes and 2-3 values carries the day.

Painting: Celeste Bergin, Flowers in the sun, oil on 8x10 canvas panel


Sadami said...

Hi, Celeste,
Very good work! Thank you sharing the precious process.
Kind regards, Sadami

Linda Popple said...

Great job! I like how you used a limited value range and the simple shapes. A good exercise.

Autumn Leaves said...

A wonderful result and interesting exercise, Celeste. I really love the composition and the chair? Vunderbar! Somehow, I find it hard to believe you ever have a crappy painting.

Libby Fife said...

That whole thing made me nervous! But you did a great job as always! Pretty results also:)

art by Michael Perchard said...

Good morning Celeste!
Love the life drawing posted the other day!
Very much enjoy seeing the painting in all its growth stages. Nice to see inside the artists process. Also think the paintings at their various levels of development hold great interest!

Arty Quin said...

I remember this discussion ... with a Russian accent ;) Love your painting. It's full of life and reminds me to think about the limited values. Thanks for sharing, Celeste!

hmuxo said...

OH my goodness, Celeste!!!! this is a gorgeous painting. This WIP was absolutely perfect...thank you!!!

Stinson Fine Art said...

Very nice!

Linda Roth said...

Wonderful post. Wonderful transformation--although the failed landscape on its side was a pretty good abstract. It had good color.

Dan Kent said...

QED! You certainly proved it! This is a beautiful painting. Another reminder to simplify simply - it's very effective.