Saturday, December 1, 2012

Studio clean up continues

My studio clean up project stalled for a little while, but I returned to it today. I have a flat file that houses a lot of my old drawings. Good lord, why am I keeping those? I sorted through to make sure I wasn't throwing away any genius-level drawings...(safe there!) ...though I did return a couple to the drawer that are nice. The rest.... out to recycling tomorrow.  My goal is to get my studio pared down and repaint the floor by January. What about's your studio? Clean or not...organized or not? I know it will be great to begin the new year with a clean studio.


Casey Klahn said...

Paint the floor? You are industrious! I need to crawl under my studio to try and repair part of the floor, so any sprucing up will have to wait.

Mine is still clean, actually with a new track light in the kitchen/flat file room. And I'm four pastels lighter after my patrons left today (woo hoo) - can't complain, there. OTOH, my inventory is literally flowing out of the seams. Groan.

Dean H. said...

The thought of painting a floor wears me out.
My studio underwent a complete tossing/ clear-out about a month ago. Feels different and much better.

Autumn Leaves said...

Mine is half clean, half a mess if that makes sense. Needs a good dusting and vacuuming and my art table needs to be cleaned off. Once this house is our own, I have a whole plan for this room. That will take some time and money but I have a vision.

Libby Fife said...

You've got me going! Great minds and all. I am starting in on it today actually and hope to get rid of all of the "genius" drawings and the like!:)

Gatepost productions said...

When my studio was in the 'Hutch'- a loft conversion over my workshops - I used to clean it out once a year... if it needed it or not! Then my granddaughter took over the Hutch and I moved myself into the conservatory (sun room? solarium? ...whatever you call them). Pat sits in there reading ... it is cleaned regularly!

Ralph said...

Disorganised is the word but one thing I never do is keep old paintings LOL

Ralph said...

Disorganised is the word but one thing I never do is keep old paintings LOL

art by Michael Perchard said...

Great topic for discussion here.
My studio is always very neat and organized.
Paint, brushes, palette, canvas, just about everything has a place.
I find that interesting because much of my art is very "uncontrolled, wild, and spontaneous!"
I clean up every evening after I work and then set up for the next days' challenges. I have many paintings I am working on at the same time but they are in order. I love order in my studio and an organized chaos in my art.
Maybe because I was a teacher for thirty-five years. Students needed order and so did I.
Artists friends of mine always comment my over the top neat and organized studio!
Paint on Celeste.

Pam Huggins said...

All of your drawings are genius level! I think it's great that you keep this ongoing history of your art. And I think it's OK to purge those things that you don't find a need to keep anymore.
Jeff and I cleaned up my studio space a couple of months ago. It's been so spic and span I haven't done much since. Hahahaha! (That's not true- but I do hate messing it up.)

Anyhoo- finally found your comment on my blog in my spam folder. Sorry about that! You are never spam... NEVER!!!

I love getting your blog e-mails. It's wonderful seeing all of your beautiful art. Thank you Celeste for everything you do!

mary maxam said...

My studio is scary and you are an inspiration to me.... Ok, that's it... I'm going to drag a garbage bag and box for Goodwill up there tomorrow!!

hmuxo said...

I try to keep my art room neat so I find my pastels one time that was I have more supplies and its harder to keep in place.! Painting the floor exhausts me just thinking about it..LOL

Paula Kuitenbrouwer said...

We just moved house, so my workplace is organized. It felt really good to toss out old drawings and paintings, like shedding an old skin. Maybe finding new inspiration is about spring cleaning your studio. Maybe life is that easy! ;-)