Thursday, December 13, 2012


Here is an oil study that I took to our art discussion about painting edges today. We talked about hard/soft edges, lost and found edges, broken edges, close-value edges, etcetera, etcetera! To see the other paintings that showed up go HERE.

I drove to Dick Blick downtown after the meeting and bought paint, brushes and panels. There is a lot at 50% off! The afternoon was especially pretty weather-wise:

(Top Photo) Oil Study: Celeste Bergin, In the Cafe, oil on 6x8 canvas panel
(Bottom Photo) Portland Pearl District


CrimsonLeaves said...

I so love downtown Portland and downtown Seattle. It does look like it was a pretty day too.

I really like this painting and may have commented on it before, if you posted it when you painted it. I love all the cerebral parts of painting. I pay no attention to such things, generally, but it is wonderful to know that artists do!

Sadami said...

Dear Celeste,
Yes, indeed! "Hard/soft edges, lost and found edges, broken edges, close-value edges and so ons" are the topics in any painting. Your blog is my "food for thought." Thank you.
Kind regards, Sadami

Page Railsback said...

I like seeing these edgy paintings...The winter woods painting..I did a double take...It looked like one I did this week!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Oh I like your study is always so baffling when artists call these "studies". To me it looks like a finished fine piece. Beautiful.

I wish we had Dick Blick in Wichita.

L.W.Roth, said...

Edges are an interesting topic. I never really think consciously about them. I paint them intuitively.

Sheryl Anthony said...

I think I remember this from before. It has a unique quality, it tells a story with few details.