Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Progress!

This is "in-progress". I started it last Friday. It shows some promise!

Painting, Celeste Bergin, Kat's Pitchers, oil on 9x12 canvas panel


B Boylan said...

Oooh, I like the colors. They are so fresh and harmonious too. I like what you are learning from Kat and it shows.

Sadami said...

Hi, Celeste,
The work is so lovely, particularly, colours are very eye pleasant.
Thank you very much your cheers for my blog!!
Best wishes, Sadami

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Quelle luminosité sur cette toile, j'aime ces couleurs qui rendent ta composition pleine de lumière, j'aime beaucoup!
Bonne semaine.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh boy! Look at those pottery pieces!

Libby Fife said...

It sure does show some promise! It looks lit up-very Henry Hensche somehow.

Casey Klahn said...

Very nice!!

Page Railsback said...

I actually gasped when I viewed this. Your use of color is gorgeous. I am going to show this to my class

hmuxo said...

Love those colors, Celeste!!! I need to see this one finished!..Love it already!!

L.W.Roth, said...

Yes it does. Great color. Now glazes I presume? Starting with basic colors than adjusting values with glazes. Interesting approach in oils--same as acrylics. Nice. Schmid's stuff is looking a bit old school to me, which I imagine is popular, but stuck back in time perhaps? That thought came to me while reading his book yesterday.

Celeste Bergin said...

weekend et coup wrote:

What brightness on the canvas, I love these colors that make your composition full of light, I love it!
Good week.

(thanks, Cath!)

Celeste Bergin said...

Thanks Brenda, Sadami, Cath, Sherry, Libby, Casey, Page, hmuxo and Linda!
LW, this was not glazing, per se..It was all done in one session. There is an underpainting that was done with Damar and Lindseed oil and allowed to dry, but only for 15 minutes.
I understand what you are saying about Schmid....his work is very natural...and earthy.
I appreciate your comments!
I've gotten a little behind looking at everyone's blogs..I'll catch up today!

mary maxam said...

Oh oh oh! love this sun drenched palette! just great!