Thursday, January 3, 2013


Thursdays are tons of fun, because I get to hang out with the other painters to "talk shop". Our meetings are loosely directed with a pre-determined table topic. Today's topic was "Painters (past and present) who have most influenced/inspired you". I'm a huge Manet, I brought this copy of a Manet I did awhile back.

If you ever get a chance, see The Impressionists (a BBC production). Manet and all the major artists are depicted like regular you and me! What impressed me most was how all the actual painting in the film is not fudged. Throughout the production, where there is paint being put down, you realize the person doing it is a real painter...or at the very least schooled in holding the brush and making painterly marks...not easy to fake.

Well, what about you, do you have a favorite influence from yesteryear? Who is it?

(To see what the others brought today, go HERE).

(A compilation of some scenes):

(Top Photo) Painting: Celeste Bergin, After Manet, oil on 9x12 canvas panel


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I saw this and thought, Manet! Great job and yours has a wee bit more life to it than his!
I echo your recommendation of The Impressionist. Great stuff!

John Simlett said...

Great posting and I loved the video clip.

Enjoyed your delicious painting.

I have been bought masses of watercolours and acrylics etc by #2 son, as a Christmas present! So be prepared for the antidote to 'art enjoyment.'

To the question, 'Who influenced me most', I will always answer, "The Brit (Swedish really) Axel Herman Haig and the American John Taylor Arms."

CrimsonLeaves said...

I would say that if I am "influenced" by anybody, it would be Da Vinci, but I also love the work of Van Gogh (who knew?) and Renoir, both Impressionists I think.

Love your After Manet piece. But then I love all your work.

hmuxo said...

When you ask "my favorite painter that has influenced me"....two jumps out...Rembrandt and Sargent...I love both of their work...and of course,
Your painting is beautiful, Celeste!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that video, Celeste. It makes me want to see the series. Beautiful interpretation of the Manet.

Sheryl Anthony said...

that last message was from Sheryl. Sorry, I don't know why it went to Anonymous.

Pam Flanders said...

Great job on Manet and last few posts have been fun to see, thanks for sharing. Saw the movie and agree that the best thing was that they were "real" people/artists. Great flick. My favorite of all time is Joaquin Sorolla of Spain. The light and skin tones he was able to capture en plein air was incredible. Another almost unknown is EJS: Elizabet Sparhawk Jones. I will send you the book if you don't already have "ESJ; The Artist Who Lived Twice". Intriguing title...let me know. pf

Pam Flanders said...

Great job Ms Manet! Thanks for sharing this post and many I haven't been able to respond to until now! That WAS a great movie especially for the reason you gave...they are people just like us! Reading Elizabeth Sparhawk Jones brings in the other artists of her time. A great read about the woman artist I admire. If you don't have the book I'll send you a copy so let me know, "ESJ;The Artist Who Lived Twice" by Barbara Lehman Smith. Joaquin Sorolla is my all time favorite from Spain!

hw (hallie) farber said...

A beautiful painting--I would have guessed Manet.

I think I'm influenced by every painting I see (and that's not good).

Chris said...

Saw that series and loved it. Will watch it again. I vote for Cezanne.

Dan Kent said...

Very beautiful flowers. I love Manet's flowers and did a pastel once based upon them that is hanging on my sister-in-law's wall. It is great to paint from his paintings.

In fact, the first painter that truly inspired me was Manet (At first I only knew about the impressionists). I love his brush strokes - some of my favorites are "The Plum", such a sense of feeling in that picture, "At the Cafe'" - love the brush strokes, and "Flowers in a Crystal Vase", which is the painting I copied.

Now I have so many favorites that I don't know where to turn!

I watched the clip - pretty cool - when I have more time I am going back to learn how to hold those brushes!

Carolina Elizabeth said...

How fabulous! Thank you for sharing. Carolina Elizabeth