Friday, March 1, 2013

Join me at these Artist Receptions

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I'm part of two shows this are cordially invited to our Artist Receptions! Join me and others at:

Lane Gallery (26th & Clinton, Portland, OR)
Friday, March 1, 6-8pm

and Doll Gardner Gallery (8470 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR)
Sunday, March 3, 12:30-2pm

Also....yesterday I went to the Thursday art meeting at O'Connor's. To see what was brought for discussion...go HERE.

I hope you are having a great weekend!


hw (hallie) farber said...

Saturday, Monday, and Wed-nes-day's paintings are wonderful. Wishing you lots of red dots at the shows.

Sheryl Anthony said...

I will be sure to get to one of them. Probably Sunday. It is always good to see your new works. said...

It's a bummer being so far away. Wish I could be there.
Hope you have fun and the art brings joy to many

M J Muir said...

It all looks so interesting and exciting. I wish you all the best and lots of red dots too. I must get a passport so I can get down there one day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh Celeste...I so wish I could just hang out with you for a week. You do every day around art and I'd love to be able to wrap myself in it so thoroughly and enjoyably.

Virginia Floyd said...

I'd love to be there. Good luck on everything.
I'm curious...who are the Jane Eyre Painters? Sound like fun!

Celeste Bergin said...

thank you Hallie, Sheryl, Julie, M.J. Sherry, and Virginia!

Virginia, the Jane Eyre Painters are people who regularly paint together on Fridays. We are predominately female and Jane Eyre is a play on words --as with "Plein Air". We learned that the fictional character also was a painter and notably felt confidence about her work. We often title our paintings after books we've read.

Linda Roth said...

It is a bummer not being in the Portland art community. I wish I could be there too. Lots of red dots Celeste.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Congrats, Celeste! Wish that I could be there! These look like fun exhibits!