Monday, March 18, 2013


No painting today...but I did get some sketching done over coffee at McDonalds on 82nd Avenue.

I love this photo that I took through a hand-held special effects filter at the Portland Art Museum last week. (This is Dave B holding up a paper cut-out of a camera). We saw the Carrie Mae Weems Exhibit.

I also helped Dave G put up some of his framed things onto the walls in his (new) apartment last week. Things on the walls make all the difference...(and I think I'd agree with that...even if I weren't often making things to go onto walls). 

(Top photo) Sketch: Celeste Bergin, Dude at the next table, pencil sketch in my sketchbook


Autumn Leaves said...

You are always on the go and I find that amazing. I am so without energy. The apartment looks awesome, as does the sketch in progress. I never mastered hatching (I'll bet that news comes as a shock, eh? LOLOL)

Sheryl Anthony said...

agreeing with CrimsonLeaves, you get a lot done. I have to remind myself to put my sketchbook in my bag. I never have it with me when I see things I want to record.

Sheryl Anthony said...

P.S. See you Thursday and I will bring my paintings.

David E. Castillo said...

I did take up sketching because of your blog! I don't have the good habits that you do, but I do a lo t more than I used to. Thanks for the inspiration