Tuesday, July 9, 2013


When it happens that I don't paint I try to do a Sargent sketch for my Sargent project. It's really satisfying... drawing is just as wonderful as painting! What I have learned from doing these copies (so far) is that successful drawing absolutely shares things with successful painting. Sargent always linked the big shapes together and blocked in large areas of dark.....and Sargent did lots of copies too. This is a copy of his copy of a Velázquez.

Drawing: Celeste Bergin, 'Officer' (Sargent after Velázquez), charcoal in 6x9 toned paper sketchbook


martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Céleste,

Lorsque vous délaissez la peinture pour le crayon, vous réussissez tout autant !...
Un très joli dessin.
Comme je suis très irrégulière ces temps-ci, je suis allée faire la petite curieuse et j'ai ainsi pu admirer l'ensemble du travail de vos derniers jours.
Merveilleux... et de très bons moments de partages artistiques.

Gros bisous à vous.
Merci aussi pour vos gentils commentaires.

Celeste Bergin said...

Martine wrote:

Hello my dear Celeste,

When you forsake the paint, you succeed as well! ...
A very nice drawing.
As I am very irregular these days, I went to the little curious and I was able to admire all the work of your days.
Wonderful ... and great moments of artistic shares.

Big hugs to you.
Thank you also for your kind comments.


(thanks, Martine!)

Autumn Leaves said...

Hah! I should do a copy of your copy of a copy. LOL Just kidding. I'm so glad you always find a way to get art into your daily life, Celeste. I, apparently, cannot seem to do the same!

hmuxo said...

EXCELLENT, Celeste!!! I love the splashes of blue in his face! Beautiful work!!!

Lisa Graham said...

I agree, drawing is just as satisfying. Your drawing is wonderful and so are the others from your project. What a great idea. You should consider making yourself a Blurb book when your project is through.

Sheryl Anthony said...

Beautiful drawing!

Karen Bruson said...

Nicely done.

juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

I am really enjoying your Sargent series. I am familiar with all of them so far and can appreciate what a great job you are doing. A fun way to learn from a true master.

Dean H. said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the value of drawing, Celeste!
I'm gonna try t do more of it!
Love your copy!