Saturday, August 31, 2013


This is my morning painting 'start'. I painted at the North Fork of Hood River, but left early to paint a model in the garden. The model looked so lovely..... but (insert downward spiral sound here) I didn't do her any justice at all.  Well, it was a great day, nonetheless!
A slideshow of day two is HERE.

Painting start, Celeste Bergin, Hood River, oil on 10x8 canvas panel


hmuxo said...

Beautiful painting, Celeste.!
I enjoyed seeing the slide show..
again, everyone looks like they're having a wonderful time.... I can see you painting one of these shots.!!

Page Railsback said...

Plein air painting for 5 days..Very cool..Love the first 2. Have fun

CrimsonLeaves said...

That sure is a beautiful spot. And is that a stunning aubergine color I see in the tree? Wowza!

Libby Fife said...

The weather and venue look lovely. Looking forward to some more shots:)

helen said...

Love the blues.

Sheryl Anthony said...

it works for me! fresh