Wednesday, October 30, 2013


An oil study. Big shapes, big shapes!

I stopped by Peterson Hall at Linfield College to see a photography exhibit

There is a cool sculpture of St. Francis (with his friends) out front

Lunch at Subway...Jesus was there having a sandwich and using his smart phone. This is Portland!

(Top Photo) Painting, Celeste Bergin, Sauvie Island, oil on 12x9 canvas panel


CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the big shapes big shapes! Is that looking towards water too? Trees and two favorite nature's blessings in one piece is always beautiful to me.

Libby Fife said...

I guess even Jesus has to eat:)

Always fun going on trips with you around the neighborhood.

Sheryl Anthony said...

Beautiful autumn scene. Thanks for the tour. It is special to see Jesus among us!

Maritza said...



Celeste Bergin said...

Maritza wrote:



(thanks, Maritza!)

L.W.Roth, said...

Great big shapes and phenomenal photograph of Jesus. That's a contest winner!

Dan Kent said...

Jesus eats fast food! Who'd a thought it. The smart phone, of course, is not a surprise. Everyone uses a smart phone.

Love those big shapes, but most of all those delicious brush strokes!

hmuxo said...

Wonderful "big shapes" Celeste. This is beautifully painted.

Sheryl Anthony said...

OMG Jesus at Subway!
You should have asked him to bless you.
Love the painting.

Mary Jane Muir said...

Your photos on this post are so interesting. Seeing Jesus with thorn crown eating a wrap is hilarious. The St. Francis sculpture is a treat to see. I really like the size of those birds. Wonderful!

art by Michael Perchard said...

The wonderful photo of "Jesus" reminds me once when I witnessed a little girl coming into a fast food restaurant, she saw Santa Claus sitting at a booth, and she screamed with excitement, "God! God! Mommy, there's God!" Everyone in the restaurant smiled and agreed! Too bad that was long before cell phones with cameras were common place!
Great post Celeste. Made me smile and laugh!
Paint on and on and on!