Friday, March 28, 2014


No time for painting today, so I did a sketch to add to my Sargent project. This one is from a painting that Sargent did after Franz Hals. ...Another flamboyant hat on another great looking guy. It's a recurring theme. 

Mufasa wanted to help me by sitting squarely on my reference. Thanks, Mufasa!

Ok....What are you doing this weekend?

(Top Photo) Sketch, After Sargent/after Hals "The Standard Bearer", charcoal on toned 6x9 paper


Page Railsback said...

Always your figure yesterday too

Sadami said...

hi, Celeste, nice work! u kne? I'v been a big fan of Hals since school time! xxx sadami

CrimsonLeaves said...

Cats do like to sit on things, or in things, that one might be trying to use. I have one that has to be on the bed while I am making it too. Sheesh!

Love the Sargent influenced piece, as always. This one reminds me of the Spanish explorers that belonged to the King/Queen's court.

And look at all that lovely spring green out your window. Drab, dull, brown and gray out here.

Sheryl Anthony said...

great job. Your cat is certainly a good help!

Anonymous said...

What a very good idea.