Friday, April 4, 2014


I drew this "Neopolitan Boy" after Sargent today. I'll add it to my ongoing Sargent Project.

Tonight we went Oleg Ulitskiy's reception at Art on the Boulevard. What a great artist he of my absolute favorites. The gallery looks so beautiful! It was fun to run into some friends and to celebrate Oleg's red dots. Here is a slideshow of photos. (Direct link to photos here).


Polly Birchall said...

Looks a great exhibition. And so love your version of a Sergeant. A master.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Your Neapolitan Boy is gorgeous, so well done, Celeste! I also love the look of that gallery. Those types of front windows always pull me right in and that is a must for any gallery!

art by Michael Perchard said...

Great job on the Neapolitan boy! Love the way you use any medium you work with it!
Also love your last posts. Hard to keep up with all your wonderful works!
Loved your tribute to our buddy Vincent! He certainly is one of my favorites.
Thanks for visiting my blog Celeste!
Take care Celeste!

Susan Fairchild Art said...

thanks for all the photos of Oleg U's party. I could not get there. this is the next best thing. He is one of my favorites too.

Susan Fairchild Art

Lisa Graham Art said...

Oh I really LOVE this sketch Celeste. And you always inspire me to get out into my own community and meet artists and look at art!

Sheryl Anthony said...

Great Sketch, Celeste!

hmuxo said...

LOVE the Neapolitan boy!!!