Monday, April 7, 2014


(Pears are fun to paint!) 
Painting, Celeste Bergin, Pear, oil on 8x8 canvas panel, Purchase information: here

I got to see one of Craig Srebnik's demonstrations in his Lake Oswego studio today. His studio/classroom is all re-vamped. He painted a street scene with people --just great! I couldn't believe how much he was able to paint in such a short time. . He is such a good teacher. I can't say enough good things about him!

On our walk to Montavilla we ran into my favorite neighbor...Heidi the Swiss Mountain dog...(oh, and her owner is a nice guy too).

Here's the paparazzi.. checking out the tulips. (Thanks, Dave, for the photos)


Libby Fife said...

There's Heidi!

Pears are great shapes aren't they? And how lucky to be able to "drop in" on Craig. Very fun:)

CrimsonLeaves said...

What a masterful painting. I was instantly reminded of works of the old masters. I am not sure why, but it may have to do with that mood ability you have. You just paint moods so wonderfully. Love the still life set up here; a wonderful and fresh composition!

Helen Moreda said...

Such an interesting composition Celeste. Love the play of warm and cool and yes, pears are fun to paint. Good job!

suzanneberry said...

Lovely! and the snaps are great! beautifully done!

and thank you for thinking of me and sharing that lovely story and comparing it to us. it's perfect!

mary maxam said...

This pear sings against that background!

Sheryl Anthony said...

Love your pear painting and it is always nice to see your neighbors beautiful dog!