Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My friend June Underwood recently moved and she offered me some Bankers Boxes. They are perfect for so many things....especially for storing canvas panels. So today I dragged a lot of stuff outside and spent the afternoon sorting and organizing. An hour or so into this project I really wondered why I just had to do this today. (It's only like the hottest day of the year).

Well, the effort was worth it....isn't this great? One of these days I plan to photograph everything and ditch at least half of what I've painted, but that is a project for a rainy day. Until then everything is nicely contained. (Thanks, June). 

A bonus of the day was getting to see June's new wonderful painting studio. Here I am taking photos...and saying...."Well, I'm going to have to blog this"

And the Underwoods were cool with it!

"One more picture June!" and June says, "ok then, let me give you my nonchalant look"

(Photos by the paparazzi, David Burbach)


June said...

I told you you were photogenic. And that I wasn't. What I didn't tell you was that Jer always looks skeptical in his photos. I think he distrusts photography:-)

Thanks for the shout out, and for taking away so much "stuff".

Polly Birchall said...

Great pics and what a good idea. You are sorted for now. I have enough trouble storing all my sheets of w/c paper!

Libby Fife said...

You manage to have the best days ever! And it is hot isn't it? Just a perfect time for an outdoor project:):):)

Autumn Leaves said...

Look at all those boxed paintings! I would bet that is one serious treasure trove there. Your day looks awesome and June is adorable. I love her hair!

juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

Wow... That's lot of paintings. Did you place still life and landscapes together or separate them in the box? What a wonderful feeling of being organized you must have. I definitely have a problem with that. I seem to acumilate piles of stuff wherever I am. Maybe I should get those nice clean looking boxes and start filling them. Great for magazines too.
Wishing June many happy painting days in her large new studio and tell the paparazzi he takes great pics!

Dean H. said...

Like you said,...perfect boxes! Well done, Celeste.
That certainly is a grand studio!

Linda Roth said...

Sorting and perfect storage facilities make for a lot of self satisfaction and regenerates enthusiasm. You did have a valuable day. I love the size of that studio space! The lighting looks good too.

hmuxo said...

Wonderful photos, Celeste.
We can always use boxes!.. you'll be organized (for awhile..lol)

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère Céleste,

Un grand merci pour votre gentil petit mot... Ils me touchent toujours beaucoup.
En ce qui concerne ce que tient ma "petite femme" contre elle, c'est un chapeau genre capeline en paille. Il est vrai que mon dessin m'aide, comme un repère mais pas toujours pour les regards d'autrui.

Il est bon parfois de faire du tri et ainsi faire de la place dans l'atelier. Vous venez de mettre comme entre parenthèse vos oeuvres.
De nouvelles vont naître et vont trouver plus de place autour de vous.
Merci pour le partage de ces jolies photos. La joie de vivre est présente sur vos visages. Le lieux en rempli d'âmes créatrices.

☼ Je vous souhaite un très bel été. ☼
Gros bisous♡

Celeste Bergin said...

Martine wrote:

Hello dear Celeste,

A big thank you for your nice little word ... They always hit me.
Regarding that holds my "little woman" against her is a kind hat sunbonnet straw. It is true that my design helped me as a reference but not always for the eyes of others.

It is good sometimes to make sorting and thus make room in the shop. You just put your work as brackets.
New will be born and will find more space around you.
Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. The joy of living is present on your faces. The places filled with creative souls.

☼ I wish you a great summer. ☼
Lots of love ♡

(thank you Martine!)

Karen Boe said...

That last pic is too cute! Looks like a fun day Celeste - and I love those boxes - are they all really full of paintings? Ah to be so prolific... working on that. ♥


This post raises my curiosity seventy notches. To me, boxing those paintings makes me wonder what you are thinking regarding the future of those paintings. I hope you have a clear-cut answer some day because there are a lot of us artists out here in the cyber world who look at the piles of paintings and wonder what we should be doing with them. "

Hey You, World, I have paintings available. Is anybody interested????

Zzzzzzzz.....or is that crickets I am hearing?

Celeste Bergin said...

thanks June, Polly, Libby, Sherry, Julie, Dean, Linda, hmuxo, Martine, Karen and Carol!

Carol, Many of these scads of paintings are just not frame-worthy, but I have kept them as a measure of progress. Some are frame worthy and I will frame and sell those. I do have a plan...I will go through them all and mercilessly cut the complete disasters. It is a project for a rainy day. This is not all of them! It represents a lot of practice. :)

Pam Huggins said...

Congrats on yet another year of organizing and cleaning complete!
And I'm jealous of June's studio space. Go June! (And June- you look terrific as does your hubs.)