Sunday, January 25, 2015


This painting is from awhile back. I changed it some and may make a few more minor adjustments to it yet. I like the mysterious feeling and how it is telling a story...the viewer gets to decide what the story is. 

Painting: Celeste Bergin, The Conversation, oil on 12x9 canvas panel

Friday, January 23, 2015


Today I join the ranks of people who write..."well, this looks better in person". It is not photographed correctly. Why are my Granny Smith apples looking so much like limes? Just trust me, they are apple-ish in person. (I did these in response to reading Carol Marine's book).  If you are wondering how she achieves her jewel-like colors, she spells it all out. I took this to art discussion on Thursday --to see what everyone else brought...go HERE.

(Painting) Celeste Bergin, Exercise, 4 Green Apples, oil on 12x9 Gessoboard

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday (Martin Luther King Holiday)

My friend Sondra and I talk all the time about getting rid of things. The discussion always comes around to getting rid of art that doesn't serve us.  This is a painting from my archives that was recently on the chopping block. At the last moment, I kept it. I painted it in Eastmoreland a couple years ago. It's just a study...but so far, it's escaped the bonfire.

Today was the first day in forever I felt well enough to go out. Dave and I walked to Rain or Shine Coffee Shop. I sketched some coffee drinkers into my small sketchbook.

I also painted another apple exercise. That's all I had in me. I'm really getting better though (health-wise)! Thanks for all your well wishes. Now I'll check your blogs now to see what you are all doing!

(Top Photo) Oil Study, Celeste Bergin, Eastmoreland Sunset, oil on 12x9 canvas panel

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday...("with" Carol Marine)

About 8 days ago I got the flu (yes, it's the flu) and I've been down for the count ever since. I had the shot! One redeeming thing about being sick is that you are completely forced into being quiet. What better time for me to read Carol Marine's new book "Daily Painting"?

I read it cover to cover! (I had ordered it from the library). I like it so well, I ordered my copy from Amazon today.

Why haven't I tried Carol's methods (up until today)? Truthfully, that still life box that she uses has always been my bugaboo. It just seems like a ton of complex work to put it together and light correctly. I was so intrigued by reading her book today, however, I decided to just do one of her exercises "making do" with what I had (no box!) I'll probably wind up purchasing a still life box, (unless I suddenly become handy). I do see the wisdom of the box.

Almost all Carol wrote about is foreign to me. Gessoboard? (I did have one)...synthetic brushes? (I did find a few) and putting one stroke down and leaving it?, was that ever challenging.  I'm not recovered yet, so my energy level only provided for one single apple. I'll go back to it tomorrow!

......Carol's book is so good and I had a very cool surprise waiting for me on page 172---that's ME at the top of this photograph! (It's a picture of Carol's "Art Destruction Day Party" from a couple years ago). 

I'm very excited about practicing with Carol's recommendations. She is so generous with information. I'm thinking if you (like me) want to sharpen your skills you should definitely get ahold of a copy of Carol's book (and I'm not just saying that...because I am "in it"!) Check out her reviews

(Top Photo) Painting Exercise (in-progress), Celeste Bergin, oil on 10x8 Gessoboard 

Friday, January 16, 2015


I have just a terrible cold (or is it the flu?) I've googled the differences...and I am still not sure. Well, because of whatever-it-is, I have been sidelined. I couldn't go to the regular Thursday Art Discussion group..but there was plenty of nice art show up (without me!) To see what they brought...go HERE.

Lately I have been spending some time with pens (because of the Thursday Drawing Club). I did this self-portrait pen sketch today (from my "invalid" bed...haha!) 

Hope you'll have a great weekend. (For myself, I see more sketches, chicken soup and movies in my future-weekend). :)  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Weekend!

I've had a great week....and I hope you have too. This is a painting I took to The Thursday Art Discussion meeting. To see what everyone else brought...go HERE

A new (old) feature that has been re-introduced to Art Discussion Thursdays is a sketch group right after the meeting. It's just the perfect amount of an hour and 1/2. While we were sketching a television was on ...reporting the artist/cartoonist murders in Paris. Don't think that didn't make us all pretty sad! Here we were drawing....while those men (whose lives pretty much  revolved around drawing) will never draw again. The profundity of that thought was not lost on any of us.

Where we sketched (The Multnomah Arts Center) has a really nice gallery. I love how much care is taken to display the work. 

Whenever I see Heidi during a neighborhood walk....she runs up to me and sits on my feet. Why oh why doesn't Heidi's owner-Dad realize that Heidi belongs with me?? (haha...just kidding, wait. no, I'm not). 
Time to check out all your blogs! Have you been busy doing your artistic things?

(Top Photo) Painting, Celeste Bergin, Back Alley, oil on 7x5 canvas panel

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I painted this awhile back...and tonight I made a few changes. I like the big shapes and the contrast. 

I got to the end of my small sketchbook...and, as is my routine, I put Crystal's photo in the back of my new sketchbook. I think Crystal and I have seen our way through three small sketchbooks. (I wrote about this once before here).

For my first sketch in my new book I sketched Dave B. I sort of made him look a little like a little old lady. Sorry, Dave! (and that's ok. I vow to do better next time... the cool thing about a little's so is sure to forgive me for all my mistakes).

We have a (renewed) sketch group that meets on Thursdays (after the regular art discussion meeting). I've gotten my favorite supplies together for next time. Marvy Le Plume pens for values, a Pentel brush pen, a fountain pen, a mechanical pencil, a red "value finder" and two sketchbooks. Here is a facebook page, (in case you want to see what we are doing). 

The value finder is very helpful (though I forget to use it half the time). 

Ok, and what about you...what are you doing? Happy New upcoming week...! 

(Top Photo Painting) Celeste Bergin, Tuning, oil on 12x9

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year--!

I took a little time off of's been fun to just kick back and enjoy the holiday....but now I'm back! This afternoon Dave B set up my "new" television and dvd player in "der Bunker" (the basement studio). It will be great for watching art dvds. Thanks, Dave Gallup! --(Dave bequeathed the television and dvd player to me when he moved away).

This is an old painting that I touched up. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you are looking forward (like I am) to the New Year!

(Painting) Celeste Bergin, The Path, oil on 12x9 canvas panel