Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Weekend!

I've had a great week....and I hope you have too. This is a painting I took to The Thursday Art Discussion meeting. To see what everyone else brought...go HERE

A new (old) feature that has been re-introduced to Art Discussion Thursdays is a sketch group right after the meeting. It's just the perfect amount of an hour and 1/2. While we were sketching a television was on ...reporting the artist/cartoonist murders in Paris. Don't think that didn't make us all pretty sad! Here we were drawing....while those men (whose lives pretty much  revolved around drawing) will never draw again. The profundity of that thought was not lost on any of us.

Where we sketched (The Multnomah Arts Center) has a really nice gallery. I love how much care is taken to display the work. 

Whenever I see Heidi during a neighborhood walk....she runs up to me and sits on my feet. Why oh why doesn't Heidi's owner-Dad realize that Heidi belongs with me?? (haha...just kidding, wait. no, I'm not). 
Time to check out all your blogs! Have you been busy doing your artistic things?

(Top Photo) Painting, Celeste Bergin, Back Alley, oil on 7x5 canvas panel


hmuxo said...

Love all the texture and color you put into this painting, Celeste! Wonderful work... and always glad when you share everyone's work with us.!!!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Sweet dog!
Have a great NEW YEAR!!!
LOVE your work.

Libby Fife said...

Well, it's clear to me too even from here! You and Heidi are meant to be together:)

Glad that you had a good week. Lovely painting with lots of mood!

Helen Moreda said...

This painting is beautiful. I keep looking and finding surprises. Lovely.

L.W.Roth, said...

I love how you keep paintings one great landscape after another, each with beautiful color combinations.

martinealison said...

Bonsoir chère amie,

Un grand merci pour votre gentil petit mot laissé sur mon blog.
Depuis ce terrible attentat qui nous touche tous, je me sens vide et pourtant portée par une énergie extrême afin d'exprimer mon indignation et ma colère.
La liberté d'expression, de dire avec notre coeur, avec des mots, des dessins... c'est tellement important. Nous ne pouvons pas vivre sans.

Merci pour ce doux moment que je viens de passer en entrouvrant la porte de votre blog aujourd'hui.
Une belle peinture, le partage d'une journée artistique et la superbe photo avec ce beau toutou !

Gros bisous

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely work, Celeste. And that pic of you with Heidi really makes me smile. Thanks for making my day with your art and photo.

Sheryl Anthony said...

Love that painting!

Celeste Bergin said...

Martine wrote:

Good evening dear,

A big thank you for your nice little note left on my blog.
Since that terrible attack that affects us all , I feel empty and yet driven by extreme energy to express my indignation and anger.
Freedom of expression , to say with our heart , with words , drawings ... it's so important. We can not live without .

Thank you for this sweet moment I just go into half-opening the door to your blog today.
A beautiful painting , sharing an artistic day and beautiful picture with this beautiful dog !

lots of love

Thanks, Martine!

mary maxam said...

I love the wonderful light in this...the edges make it shimmer! how'd you do that?!